The Prime Minister’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi has become an international tourist destination. Another pucca ghat Namo (window) Ghat has been added to the chain of Kashi’s Ghats moving in harmony with the modernity that has been cherished in antiquity.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi becomes MP from Varanasi

Sculpture doing Namaste in Varanasi these days is attracting a lot of tourists. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become an MP from Varanasi, Kashi has been growing steadily. The Ghats of Banaras are getting decorated. After 80 Ghats, now ‘Namo Ghat’ (window) is ready to add to the beauty of Kashi. Namo Ghat is the dream project of Prime Minister Modi, soon he can come to Varanasi to inaugurate it.

How is ‘Namo Ghat’ different from all the Ghats?

Namo Ghat is the only one among all Ghats, which is connected by road, water, and air. More than one helicopter can land directly on the pier. After landing on the ghat, tourists can go straight to Baba Vishwanath Dham without getting stuck in traffic through the waterway. From this ghat, Divyangjan can directly reach Maa Ganga and can do Aquaman. A floating CNG station has also been installed by GAIL India at this ghat. From here people will be able to go to Varanasi and nearby cities on a cruise. Trains can go till Namo Ghat. Parking has been arranged for the vehicle at the ghat itself.

Even the flood will not spoil the ‘Namo Ghat’.

Saluting this sculpture of three sizes, in which the height of the big sculpture is about 25 feet and the height of the small is 15 feet. The cost of this ghat built in about 21 thousand square meters is 34 crores. Its first phase is completely ready. Its production will also see the inclusion of Make in India and Vocal for Local. Here tourists will also be able to see the morning-e-Banaras aarti, water adventure, yoga, and evening Ganga aarti. Even floods will not harm this ghat, because the material used in the construction of this ghat will keep the ghat safe from floods.

The foundation for the construction of Namo Ghat was laid in 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started two big projects in Varanasi in 2019. The first plan was the reconstruction of Kashi Vishwanath Dham. Along with this, the foundation was laid for the construction of such a ghat which could save the tourists from the country and abroad from getting stuck in the city jam. The dream of this ghat is going to be realized in the form of windows Namo Ghat.