Pregnant Jill Duggar Celebrates The Arrival Of Her Third Child

Pregnant Jill Duggar celebrated the upcoming arrival of her third shower at an intimate baby shower hosted by her nearest and dearest – but neglected to invite her mother or any of her siblings amid ongoing tension between relatives.

19 Kids And Counting Star’s Cousins

The sweet festivities were hosted at Amy Duggar King’s home, however, it appears her parents Jim Bob and Michelle weren’t at the event—and neither were the 31-year-old’s sisters Jan, Jessa, Joy— Including Anna and Ginger.

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Spotted gold balloons spelling OH BABY

Jill chose a floral print top and white tiered skirt for the event, decorating Amy’s home in a white, green and gold color scheme. The living room featured an arch of white, green and pale pink balloons while gold balloons spelling ‘OH baby’ seen in the kitchen. Jill – who shares six-year-old son Israel David and four-year-old Samuel Scott with her husband Derrick Dillard – posted a message of thanks shared as she wrote: ‘I feel so much loved and more ready for baby with all the gifts, prayers. Blessings from friends and family (+ many who couldn’t attend the party in person) who showered us this weekend in anticipation of our little man’s arrival next month!’

my mil kathy dillard byram

She did not elaborate further on which loved ones could not attend, with Jill taking the time to thank Amy for organizing the festivities as she continued: ‘Special thanks to the hosts: MY MIL Kathy Dillard Byrum MY SIL Dinah Dillard My cousin Amy Rachel King and my Aunt Dinah Duggar!’

A sibling reunion that took place earlier this month in Santa Monica

Sisters Ginger, Jessa, Jana and Jennifer ventured publicly together for the first time since their disgraced older brother Josh Duggar sentenced to 12 years and seven months in federal prison for child pornography.

After Josh sentenced in May, Jill and Derrick, 33, spoke with a statement that read: ‘The Bible clearly states that God exerts justice and vengeance through the Governing Authorities. People believe that Josh should have got a bigger punishment and still less people believe that he should have got a lighter punishment, God has taken his vengeance for his unspeakable criminal activity today.

The couple claimed

As of now, [Josh] has yet to be held accountable to the extent necessary to bring about a change in his dangerous patterns of behavior, and appears to have spent more than a decade in federal prison, and is still on probation, Josh has any potential for rehabilitation to such an extent that he can safely live again in society.’

The statement continued: ‘Hopefully Josh can actually start treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he is less likely to have a repeat offence. If nothing else, the notoriety of this case has contributed to the deterrence of potential offenders and will help protect children by reducing the demand for child pornography.

We continue to love him and we will be there for him in whatever way we can.’

The soon-to- mom also revealed that ‘issues’ with her family had sent her for counseling, and that she has had limited contact with Jim Bob over the years.

During an early psychological opinion by Robert Wynne he said

I saw a new side to my husband and I began to make decisions that were best for our family, but not in their best interest.’ Unfortunately, I realized that he had become quite controlling, fearful and reactionary . He used to abuse. Our relations are not good. It has become quite poisonous.

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