Prachi Singh Is The Sunny Leone Of Bhojpuri Cinema

It is said that every person on earth has a duplicate. I don’t know how much truth there is in this. But yes it is definitely known that we have not one, but two Sunny Leone. The only difference is that one Sunny Leone comes from the Bollywood industry and the other Bhojpuri.

Prachi Singh Came in The age of Social Media

Meet Prachi Singh, who is called Sunny Leone of Bhojpuri industry. Prachi Singh is seen giving tough competition to Bollywood actresses with her glamorous looks. That’s why people in the industry have given her the status of Sunny Leone. In the era of social media, Prachi Singh posts her killer pictures on Instagram every day. Fans are also seen praising Prachi Singh’s pictures fiercely, which gives them confidence for the stormy post ahead.

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Sunny Leone ie Prachi Singh of Bhojpuri Cinema

Prachi has defeated many stars like Amrapali Dubey, Akshara Singh, Monalisa, and Poonam Dubey with her glamor look. That’s why she comes into the limelight with her bold look. Sunny Leone ie Prachi Singh of Bhojpuri cinema had stepped into the industry with the film ‘Mere Pyar Se Mila De’. The actress, who came into the public eye from her first film, has also appeared in many music videos.
Prachi Singh knows how to increase the heartbeat of people with every picture of her. That’s why they remain in great demand. Along with music videos, Prachi’s Insta reels are also quite popular. Prachi, who is in the headlines for her glamorous look on social media, loves to travel.

Prachi Singh has Worked in Many Music Albums

In one of the pictures, she is seen lying in the bathtub.In many pictures, she is on the bed and is showing such acts that the lives of the fans are lost. Fans are unable to stop themselves after seeing these pictures. Prachi Singh got married some time back and she also stunned the fans with her honeymoon pictures. She shows such acts that the heartbeat of the fans increases. Prachi Singh made her debut in Bhojpuri film ‘Mere Pyaar Se Mila De’. Soon she will also be seen in the film ‘Paanch Mehriya’.

Prachi Doesn’t go Anywhere Without Krishna

Prachi Singh does not travel anywhere without Kanha. The 22-year-old actress takes Kanha with her wherever she goes. Recently Prachi expressed her love for Kanha through Swati Mehul’s song, Yeh Tune Kya Kiya. Whenever Prachi gets time from her busy schedule, she goes to Kanha’s temple.

Seen With Kanha at the Airport

You can get an idea of ​​how big a devotee Prachi is of Shri Krishna, from the fact that she does not go anywhere without him for a moment. Recently, when Prachi traveling outside, she was seen at the airport with the idol of Shri Krishna. Prachi is also a Kanha devotee. That’s why wherever she goes, she keeps her little Kanha ji with her.

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