Pornhub Legend Mia Khalifa Shows Off New Hair

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa for her work in the adult industry. Known around the world, but now it appears, the Lebanese-born beauty is thinking a bit about what her future might hold.

Former porn star turned world traveler Mia Khalifa

Former porn star turned world traveler Mia Khalifa has claimed that she will be the ‘MILF of the future’. Because he wore a cheeky T-shirt on his latest trip. The 29-year-old, who was born in Lebanon, has been spending most of the past year aboard expensive boats and yachts around various places. Her travels have seen her take her to the UK, Ibiza and various parts of the United States of America.

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Posted the story of her new haircut on Instagram

And now he has hinted about his future plans. The former adult star took time out of her journey to post the story of her new haircut on her Instagram – which now has extra colors. But it wasn’t that much. Eyebrow-raising hair, as she was wearing a T-shirt that read ‘MILF of the future’. The term ‘MILF’ was popularized by the American Pie film series, which describes an attractive mother in lewd terms.

Mia is dating Puerto Rican singer Zhy Cortez

Mia, who is dating Puerto Rican singer Zhy Cortez, has never spoken about wanting to be a mother before. But if this T-shirt is anything to go by, it’s possible she’s thinking of settling down in the future. This may also explain why a recent boat ride in Miami turned sour when she was chased by a bunch of Randy men. She was on a boat ride across the state over the weekend, and posted a video showing another boat behind her.

Posted more biken-clad pictures from the boat

It appears that about 10 or more people were standing in this second boat. And some were following her boat at high speed, and she seemed to be crawling a little out of it. Thankfully, it didn’t appear that it did anything as he didn’t post an update on it. situation, but she posted more biken-clad pictures of the boat, including videos showing the rear of the boat, without the creepy man-in-the-boat. The OnlyFans star rents the grand boat, earning its nickname. “Sugar Daddy” from fashion model friend Jenna Lee, who spent a magical day with her.

MiaKhalifa captioned a story

“If you’re wondering which rich guy rented the boat, here it is. @miyaKhalifa”, who captioned a story that Mia shared with her nearly 28 million followers. She also commented “when your sugar daddy insists on being in the shot”, to which Mia replied “Babe please” followed by a crying laughing emoji. Mia has yet to reveal where the next leg of her round-the-world tour will take place. But she has visited Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, Barcelona. And Paris in the last few months.

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