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The year was 1982. E.T. Calling home, Olivia Newton-John was getting “physical” and Sony was introducing the world to the first CD player. Meanwhile, on September 22, Family Ties was introducing America to the Keaton family.

Family Ties A Suburban Ohio Family

In case you missed the ’80s (or were too busy at the arcade getting high scores on Galaga), Family Ties was about a suburban Ohio family with free-spirited parents played by Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter. Steven and Ellis, whose progressive ideas often clashed with their materialistic, conservative children growing up in the Reagan-era ’80s.

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Gross and Baxter’s Birth

To celebrate the classic NBC sitcom’s 40-year anniversary, Yahoo Entertainment reunited Gross and Baxter to reminisce about their seven seasons as an on-screen couple — and it doesn’t look like their chemistry will last. Some have faded over the years. Gross and Baxter were born on the same day, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking a shot at their age. “She’s too old,” Gross joked, adding that 40 years have passed since the show began. When told it would make him “so old” too, Gross quipped, “This is the face time forgot.”

The chemistry just between Baxter and Gross

It embraced the entire fictional Keaton clan. Initially there were three children. Michael J. Fox played the eldest child, Alex P. Keaton, whose conservative views constantly clashed with the liberal views of his parents; Mallory, played by Justin Bateman, focused primarily on fashion and boys; While Tina Yothers played the role of lovely little Jennifer.

Baxter said

Much of the tension in the early season was between Fox’s character as a young Republican and his hippie parents. The political nature of the show isn’t something Baxter thinks would work in today’s hostile political climate. “I don’t see how you can get to it,” said Baxter, “because the division gave the positions of the people, the family at the time, if you take it to their natural corners, I don’t think there Anything will happen to come together, you know, because it’s like this, the political landscape is so ugly today.”

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