Poem Of Broken Heart Auctioned For 3 Crores

World’s Most Expensive Poem Says Sometimes heartache increases your price. The same happened with Arch Hades, a resident of London, United Kingdom. The sorrow of divorce (Famous Verses after Divorce) came in her life in such a way that she became famous. One of his poems expressing his feelings, Arcadia has cost $ 525,000 i.e. more than Rs. 3 crore 89 lakh in Indian currency during the auction of Christie’s Auction in New York.

Glamorous Instagram Influencers Arch Heads

Glamorous Instagram influencer Arch Hades has been writing her pain in poems after her breakup. Millions of people follow him on Instagram. Now his pain will be recognized worldwide. Grammy Award winning musician RAC is about to create a non-fungible token through his purchased poem. Its title will be – Arcadia. Arch heads have gained tremendous popularity in the last few months.

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Ark Hades’ Poems Contain His Heartache

Arch Hades does not write poems in his own name, it is his pseudonym. There is pain in his heart in his poems. When they got divorced after 5 years of marriage, they wrote that poem, which has become the most expensive poem ever. This poem has the pain of worry, sadness, and loneliness. This poem is a prose poem of 102 lines, in which there are total 1000 words. You also think how precious every word of this poem sold for 3 crores 89 lakhs is. It strikes against the stress and loneliness of the modern age as well as the social scene.

A 9-Minute Graphic art Film Will be Made on This Poem

Buying the poem means that the person will have ownership rights on the work, he can also sell it further. A 9-minute graphic art film will be made on this poem, which will be decorated with music. Some of Ark’s books have also been bestsellers before this. The Russian-born Ark’s family had shifted to Knightsbridge, London. She was 9 years old then. His name was also changed. It was also difficult for him to speak English. He started writing poetry right from his school days. When they got divorced after 5 years of marriage, the pain from the heart turned into poems.

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