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PM Modi Unveils 108 Feet Tall Statue In Morbi

Unveiling the statue, Prime Minister Modi said that Hanuman is the power and strength who gave the right to respect and honor to all the forest-dwelling species and forest brethren.

Today is Hanuman Jayanti and it celebrated with great pomp across the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a 108 feet statue of Lord Hanuman in Morbi, Gujarat on this occasion. During this, PM Modi wished people on Hanuman Jayanti. The PM said, “May the blessings of Pawanputra be with everyone.”

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Unveiling the statue, PM Modi said

Hanuman is that power and strength who gave the right to respect and respect to all the forest-dwelling species and forest brothers. The Prime Minister said that Ram Katha also organized in different parts of the country. Whatever be the language dialect, the spirit of Ramkatha unites all, unites with devotion to God. This is the strength of the Indian faith, our spirituality, our culture, and our tradition.

Idols are being installed in all four corners of the country

PM Modi said I told that such 108 feet high statue of Hanuman Ji is being installed in different corners of the country. We are seeing the statue of Hanuman ji in Shimla for the last many years, today another statue installed in Morbi. Work is underway to install two other idols in the south, in Rameswaram and West Bengal.

This is the biggest reason for the controversy

The controversy, which started with loudspeakers in Maharashtra, is slowly spreading across the country. On Hanuman Jayanti 2022 against Ajan, it said to recite Hanuman Chalisa from loudspeakers. This controversy started when Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra gave an ultimatum to the government to remove loudspeakers from mosques by May 3. After this, there is a dispute going on across the country regarding this. In Aligarh, the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeaker also started.

high alert in Bhopal

The state government is on alert due to the clash during the Ram Navami procession and it later turned into a riot in view of the possibility of worsening the situation on Hanuman Jayanti today, it has issued a high alert in Bhopal. Here special conditions laid regarding the procession on Hanuman Jayanti. According to these conditions, no committee can take out a procession without the permission of the administration. At the same time, the organizers of the procession will have to follow 16 conditions of the police. Let us tell you that Itwara-Budhwa is a very sensitive areas of the old city. Here the administration has given permission to take out the procession under some rules.

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