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PM Modi Honored With The Highest Civilian Award In Bhutan

Another international honor added to the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the neighboring country Bhutan has honored PM Modi with its highest civilian award Nagdag Pelji Khorlo.

India’s dunk once again abroad

Bhutan has honored Prime Minister Narendra Modi with its highest civilian award. The Prime Minister of Bhutan gave this information by tweeting. He told that Prime Minister Modi honored with Bhutan’s highest civilian award.

PM Modi played friendship unconditionally: Bhutan

A statement issued on Twitter by the Prime Minister’s Office of Bhutan said. We are very happy with the decision to honor PM Modi with the country’s highest civilian award. In a tweet from PMO Bhutan, it said, ‘Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has played an unconditional friendship over the years. Has helped immensely during the coronavirus pandemic. Have seen PM Modi as a spiritual person. You deserve this honor. Greetings from the people of Bhutan.

PM Modi, while replying to the tweet made by the country of Bhutan, said

Thank you I am deeply moved by this warm gesture and express my grateful thanks to His Majesty the King of Bhutan.” PM said, “I admire Bhutan for its unique model of development and deeply spiritual lifestyle Am.”

Talking about the India-Bhutan relationship in another tweet, PM said

India will always cherish Bhutan as one of its closest friends and neighbors and we will continue to support Bhutan’s development journey in every possible way.”

Many countries honored with the highest honor

Many countries have honored PM Narendra Modi with their highest civilian honor. Earlier, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and the Maldives honored Prime Minister Modi with their highest civilian honor.

PM Modi has been honored with these awards

This is not the first time that the Prime Minister honored by a country with its highest civilian honor. Earlier also, UAE, Maldives and Russia have honored him.

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