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Picture of Taliban Brutality with journalists Surfaced

The women protesting, the common people and those covering the demonstrations. The Taliban have rained down on journalists. After the announcement of interim government by the Taliban. There were demonstrations by women at different places in Kabul. and demanded a share in the government.

Taliban Atrocities on journalists

As soon as the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, they started atrocities on journalists. According to local channel Tolo News. For Kabul’s daily newspaper Atilataroz. Five working journalists  arrested on Wednesday. The arrest was made by the Taliban. However, not much information has come to the fore in the matter yet. What is the real reason behind this action. However, the Taliban is constantly showing strictness towards media organizations.

Intimidated and Intimidated journalists

The Taliban have intimidated and threatened many journalists during these 20 years. It also banned TV and most entertainment related activities during the 1996-2001 regime. Then to give information there. There was no media. The woman who interviewed the Taliban leader He later told The Associated Press that She panicked when he saw her entering the studio. But his behavior and answering questions gave him some comfort. However, the same woman journalist later fled the country.

Announced Interim Government

The Taliban entered Kabul on 15 August and occupied the country. On this day the Afghan government fell. On Tuesday itself, this organizationformed in collaboration with Haqqani Network. An interim government has been announced. In this, the most wanted terrorists have been placed in high positions. The victory of the Taliban has put independent Afghanistan in many difficulties. Watchdog Without Borders (RSF) says that Around 100 private media outlets have suspended operations.

Women are also performing Because

Because after the Taliban came to power. Many restrictions  imposed on women. Boys and girls are not studying together in school and college. There has been a lot of restriction regarding the dress. Right now women are not able to work. While the Taliban said it would give women a share in its government

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