Photos of Residents Seeing Him Walking Around an Alabama Neighborhood went Viral Online

He’s Back – The murderous doll that terrorized moviegoers in the 1988 hit “Child’s Play” is now roaming the streets of a neighborhood in Alabama. Because pictures of “real-life Chucky” have gone viral.

A 5-year-old boy named Jackson is seen in the pictures

The side of a residential neighborhood road was waiting for cars to pass. There was actually a 5-year-old boy named Jackson. One who brought fear and laughter among the people of his community. ,

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little boy in chucky dress in pinson

“Dear parents of the little boy in the Chucky dress in Pinson,” Kendra Walden, a resident who saw the boy, wrote on Facebook, “get your baby. I almost had a heart attack.”

And, she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed fake horror. Because the pictures she posted received over 15K comments and 103K shares. “Can you imagine seeing this in person?” One user replied.

“It’s terrifying while at the same time fantastic,” said another.

Jackson’s mom, Brittany Reed, told WDHN that Jackson was chunky for Halloween and that he often wears his costume around the house and community. “That’s how his personality is,” Reid said. “He dresses up in different costumes all week long. He likes to make people laugh.”

First about viral photos

Reid said she was first notified of the viral photos when she was at work and a co-worker showed her saying that dressing up as Chucky in the neighborhood is something her son would do.

Then he saw that in the pictures this is his son.

“I zoomed in and said, ‘Oh my goodness,’ that’s my baby,” she told the outlet. Reid then contacted his mother. who was looking at Jackson. His mother accepted to help him with the dress. So that he can operate the clock of his neighborhood.

The response has been overwhelming. Reid said, with mostly positive comments, some negative feedback and some birthday and event invites.

Jackson, whom the family say is “Facebook Famous”, politely declines the invitation. But has said that he will continue to intimidate the people of his community.

Making his cinematic debut in 1988 before starring in feature films

The character, Chucky, made his cinematic debut in 1988 before starring in several feature films. He has also made cameo appearances and his television show, From 2021, is due out for a second season this fall.

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