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Petrol Being Sold Cheaper by Rs 17 in Haryana

The most expensive petrol and diesel are being sold in Rajasthan. In such a situation, people in Behrod of Alwar are going to Haryana by not filling petrol in their district. From there they are returning after filling cheap petrol. Meanwhile, smugglers are also making huge gains. On the other hand, the petrol pump owners of Alwar are facing losses. Petrol in Rajasthan is getting 112.66 per liter. Whereas diesel is getting Rs 97.12 per liter.

Most expensive petrol diesel is being sold in Rajasthan

Even after reducing VAT on petrol and diesel by the central government, the most expensive petrol diesel is being sold in Rajasthan. The effect of petrol and diesel being expensive in Rajasthan is clearly visible on the Jaipur-Delhi highway on the border of Rajasthan-Haryana. Long queues of vehicles can be seen at petrol pumps as soon as they enter the Haryana border.

Petrol cheaper by Rs 17 per liter in Haryana

There are about 50 petrol pumps within one kilometer of Haryana from the border. There is a rush to fill petrol and diesel on everyone. Most of these too are vehicles from Rajasthan. The reason is that petrol in Haryana is cheaper by Rs.17 per liter than in Rajasthan. While diesel is cheaper by Rs.10 per liter. People from the Alwar district of Rajasthan come across the border to fill petrol at these petrol pumps in the Rewari district of Haryana.

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According to the petrol pump employees, instead of Rajasthan in Haryana, petrol is getting cheaper by Rs 17 and diesel by Rs 10. Because of this people are not filling petrol in Rajasthan, but Haryana is nearby. People are coming there and filling cheap petrol and diesel.

Petrol is getting 112.66 per liter in Rajasthan

Due to this smugglers are also getting silver. They are bringing petrol and diesel in drums and bottles from Haryana and selling them in Rajasthan. Due to which the petrol pump owners are facing huge losses. Let us tell you that petrol is getting 112.66 per liter in Rajasthan. Whereas diesel is getting Rs 97.12 per liter.

Haryana government’s gift in Diwali

After reduction of Central Excise Duty by the Central Government. Petrol and diesel prices have come down across the country. At the same time, after the decision of the Center, on the day of Diwali, the Manohar Lal Khattar government of Haryana gave a gift to the people of the state. Announced to reduce VAT. Since then, petrol and diesel have become cheaper by Rs 12 in the state. However, during this period, the rates of petrol and diesel in Panipat of Haryana are the lowest as compared to other districts. Whereas the price of oil is highest in Sirsa.

The big gift of deduction was given in the festive season

On November 3, the central government had announced a reduction in central excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 5 and Rs 10 per liter, respectively, to provide relief to the general public. After this, till Saturday, the rates of local duty (Value Added Duty-VAT) have been cut by 22 states and union territories. The Union Territories of Ladakh, Karnataka, and Puducherry have made the maximum deduction. Petrol prices in these three states have come down by Rs 13.43, Rs 13.35, and Rs 12.85 per liter respectively. In the above three states, the public has got relief of Rs 19.61, Rs 19.49, and Rs 19.08 per liter respectively in the prices of diesel. On the other hand, Punjab has cut petrol by Rs 10 and diesel by Rs 5 per liter on Sunday itself.

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