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Petrol And Steel Will Be Made On The Moon Scientists Got Such A Treasure

Senior scientist Norbert Schörgofer and his team have confirmed the presence of carbon dioxide could trap at the Moon’s poles.

Petrol and steel will be made on the moon

Humans have stepped on Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon. But till now it has not been able to take its place. The distance of the Moon from Earth is 2,38,855 miles and even after traveling so much, it is visible only as half success. Actually, the intention of scientists is not just to reach the moon. Rather, it is also necessary to maintain the presence of human beings there.

It can be used as fuel.

Even this carbon can be used as an important resource for the production of biomaterials and steel. Norbert Schörgofer, the senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and lead author of the study, has told. Carbon is an important element.

Difficult to work in the cold and dark atmosphere of the Moon

Schorghofer and his colleagues detail their discovery in a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters. According to research, there is not only carbon dioxide on the Moon, but it is also abundant. Although a specific technology for extracting carbon from the cold atmosphere of the Moon has not yet been developed. But it would be very similar to mining resources on Earth. Schorghofer said the challenge is to work in permanent darkness. It’s a very challenging environment but still a lot easier than bringing it up from Earth.

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The eyes of scientists on local resources

Transporting carbon from Earth would be much more expensive. Also, it would cost about $10,000 to put a one-pound payload in Earth orbit. So having local resources seems like a better option. Space agencies still have some time to develop a way to mine carbon dioxide. The crew of Artemis, which landed on the moon, will now fly in 2025 instead of 2024.

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