Peter Andre Bonsidering Semi-Retirement Before The Age of 50

Peter Andre is all set to celebrate his 50th birthday in Dubai with his entire family.

British-Australian pop singer cuts back on work

Peter James Andrea aka ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker Peter Andre is turning 50 on February 27. In a recent chat, the British-Australian pop singer accepted the idea of ushering in the next decade by cutting back on work and spending more time with herself. Family. But when the world shut down, he became “hungry for work”.

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Talking to Woman Magazine he said

I was getting appropriately stressed out when this was happening, and now I think, No, let’s go; I feel very young. I thought when I turned 50 I was going to be semi-retired, and then COVID-19 came along and I was like, ‘Er, no, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Now, I’m really hungry to work.”

peter andre’s own wife Emily

The father of four is all set to celebrate his 50th birthday in Dubai. Talking about his kids, Peter Andre has Amelia (9) and Theo (6) with his wife Emily, as well as Junior (17) and Princess (15) with ex-wife Katie Price. OK! Magazine, “I will be living in Dubai with the whole family. I think it’s a birthday party. I mean, I’m not 50 until the end of the month, so I’m coming early – lol.

Peter Andre claimed

I was always a little nervous about turning 50, but it coincides well with me celebrating 30 years in the industry. Focusing on 30 and not 50 sounds better! In 2022, Peter Andre claimed that he and his wife “love the idea” of having another child. Despite this, the pop star and Emily were undecided about having another child together.

Peter married Emily in 2015

Peter – who married Emily in 2015 – said: “We talk about it all the time, but one minute we’re ‘yes’, and the next we’re ‘no’. We’re toying with the idea of having another baby.” love it, because the two kids we have are the most amazing kids – but that thought usually lasts until we see other people’s screaming babies! I don’t know. Maybe Junior in the next 10 years I’ll bring our grandson to see. Ha!”

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