In a post that has since been deleted, famed hip-hop producer Pete Rock suggested that drill rap “do doo and it disrupts the soul.” In the clip, Adams suggests that the scene’s rise in popularity is thanks to the city’s regeneration. In Violent Crime, which Rock appeared to be co-signing in his deleted post.

A Video of Mayor Eric Adams

This week, The Rock shared a video of New York City Mayor Eric Adams targeting the drill. Because the actors in the scene engage with allegations of real-life violence. While efforts to censor Adams’ drill have not proved to be so effective. It is worth noting that he made sure to avoid this. How social factors lead to an exercise of violence.

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Rock Wrote in the Post

“Drill Rap This is garbage hop not hip-hop, I’ve been told this kind of crap.” Rock wrote in the post, which included a clip of the mayor. “IDC calls me whatever you want, but that’s the kind of hip-hop doo. It breaks the spirit I told you, that already man deserves. No one speaks on this trash. Birds.” Or don’t even wrap for the streets, it’s the result of greed, destruction of people, and culture without talent.

What prompted The Rock to Remove the Post

It is unclear what prompted The Rock to remove the post, but it is clear that he is not a fan of the city’s popular movement. Pete wrote, “You’ll never see the drama happening when it’s happening and everyone complains but doesn’t speak up and doesn’t say a word.” Now it! … that’s how we’re going out. It’s on social media, but who’s actually promoting it? Talk about that SMH.”

Dangerous by Adams in February

In February after Adams expressed his concern about the “dangerous” scene. He later met with some of Brooklyn’s most promising talent to discuss the situation, so we’re going to have to roll something together on the whole conversation and we’re looking forward to it,” Adams said.