Performer Interrupts Avril Lavigne While Introducing AP Dhillon at Juno Awards 2023

Avril Lavigne recently introduced Punjabi singer AP Dhillon at the Juno Awards 2023 but was heckled by a protester on stage. By Daphne Clarence: Singer Avril Lavigne made headlines for two reasons. The complex hitmaker went on stage at the Juno Awards 2023 (March 14) to announce Punjabi singer AP Dhillon’s performance, but while she was doing so, she was interrupted.

A protester stormed the stage during

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A protester stormed the stage during Avril’s announcement. Was wearing nothing but a pair of pink pants. In addition, there was a black marker scrawled on his skin that read “Save the Greenbelt”. The message is in reference to the area in Ontario, Canada, which has been the target of several industrial development projects.

Without addressing the error

The singer made an audacious comeback and said, “F*** off, bitch.” Soon, security appeared to remove the disruptor from the stage. Avril continued with the announcement and without addressing the disturbance, she said, “First Punjabi act to perform at Junos, global phenomenon – AP Dhillon.”

His acceptance speech after winning the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award

It was only later that night that Avril addressed the situation. In her acceptance speech after winning the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award, Avril said, “Now, this time nobody tries anything. Or the Canadian will come out of me, and I’ll be a fucking bitch.”

My wonderful to vote for the Juno Fan Choice Award

“Thank you my amazing fans for voting for the Tiktok Juno Fan Choice Award. This is my 10th Juno Award and 4th Fan Choice Award. Keep rocking and cheering for the next 20 years.” He wrote, “P.S. – ‘Get off the bitch!'”

AP Dhillon to step on stage and perform at Summer High

Meanwhile, desi fans were excited to see AP Dhillon step on stage and perform Summer High. He created history by becoming the first Punjabi singer to perform at the Juno Awards held in Alberta, Canada.

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