Perfectly Done 2022 Season 7 Hosts Netflix Competition

Season 7 of Nailed It! is set to premiere on October 5. Featuring a new batch of contestants taking part in impressive Halloween-themed bake-off challenges. In addition to Chef Jacques Torres, the show will be hosted by American actress and comedian Nicole Bayer. The 36-year-old is hosting Nailed It! Since 2018 and for the show, has also received Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

The new season of Nailed It

The new season of Nailed It! Some guest judges Lil Ril Howery and Dave Arnold. And each episode, based on the challenges assigned to them by Bobby Lee, will feature contestants trying to bake creatively. Nailed it! In addition to being the host, Byer has also hosted the Team Cocoa podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me?

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Nicole Baer lost her mother

Nicole Baer lost her mother when she was a teenager in school. His father died at the age of 21. During this phase, it was a comedy that helped her work through the death of her parents. Thereafter, she wanted to pursue a career in comedy. Nicole then began taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade for improv and sketch comedy. He continued with improvisation and sketch comedy for several years before starting his stand-up career in 2013.

American Academy of Music and Dramatic in Professional Performance

After graduating from the American Academy of Music and Dramatic Certificate Program in Professional Performance. He started working as a full-time TV personality. The Nailed It! The host is widely recognized for her work on the commentary series Girl Code (2013). She later starred in the MTV/Facebook Watch comedy series Loosely Accurate Nicole (2016–2018). Which was based on his real-life experiences.

Many comedy series like The Simpsons 2019

He has featured in 30 Rock (2012), The Good Place (2019), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2019-2021. and made guest appearances in several comedy series such as The Simpsons (2019). She also appeared in films including Others (2016), All About Nina (2018), Bad Hair (2020), and Valley Girl (2020). In 2021, Bayer began co-hosting Wipeout with John Cena. Bayer’s first full-length special, Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Verdo), premiered on Netflix in December 2021. And she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special.

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