Patron Is Releasing A Special Tequila That Costs $7,500. Retails For

Patreon already set the precedent on my bar cart, but now, the world’s number one super-premium tequila has become even more extraordinary. The spirits maker is releasing just 299 bottles of its new and ultra-exclusive Patreon en Lalique: Serie 3.

age 14 tequilas in American oak casks

Master distiller David Rodriguez ages 14 tequilas in French and American oak casks for eight years each, before creating an Aejo blend so rare that it may never replicated. The spirit is smooth and sweet, with notes of dried fruit, sherry wine, intense wood and spices, the company said in its announcement.

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Rodriguez said in the press release,

“Our family of talented artisans is constantly experimenting to create bold innovations that live up to Patreon’s commitment to handcrafted perfection.” “We explored several combinations of additional ao tequilas that can be found in Patrón en Lalique: Serie 3 before embarking on the liquid par excellence.”

considering the specifics

Once those 299 bottles gone, you’ll never taste the Serie 3 again—the limited-release Patreon comes with a considerable price tag. The collection released internationally at a suggested retail price of $7,500.

The bottle itself created by Marc Laminaux, artistic and creative director of French luxury brand Lalique. The Crystal Decanter Weber Blue is an artistic interpretation of the agave plant, which Patrón uses in all of its tequilas.

Like Patreon’s Masters in Lalique

“With this series, we push the boundaries of art even further with the design of our decanter, which celebrates the natural and raw materials that go into every drop of Patrón Tequila,” said President and CEO of Lalique Silvio Denz said in the release. “Like Patreon’s Masters at Lalique, we pride ourselves on achieving excellence in everything we do.

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