Patna Model Murder Exposed

The police first got the call details of Mona’s mobile phone and after getting the call details by chance, the police got the hope of getting the first clue in this case. Actually, Mona’s mobile phone was telling this. Apart from her husband, she used to talk for a long time with any person many times a day.

Patna model murder exposed

It is generally said about the unsolved cases of murder. If the person who died somehow survived, he would have told the name of the sure murderer himself. But most of the time it doesn’t happen. A famous model from Patna and Mrs. Bihar is shot dead. But before death, she remains alive in the hospital for about 5 days. During this, the policemen go to him many times. record his statement. But she is unable to tell the name of the murderer and after five days she dies. Now the police were looking for the murderer. The police also found the murderer. But the surprising thing is that the real murderer was behind him whom the police thought was a murderer.

12 October, 9.25 pm, Rajiv Nagar, Patna

It was the seventh day of Navratri. Patna’s famous model and second runner-up of Mrs. Bihar’s pageant, Mona Rai was returning home after worshiping from a nearby temple at night. He had just stopped Scooty outside his house. Suddenly the killers who came from behind threw fire on them. He was shot one after the other from behind. Before anyone could understand, the bike-borne attackers had completed their work and fled. When the attackers shot Mona Rai, her younger daughter was also present with them, who went to the temple with Mona. In this attack, the girl narrowly escaped. In a hurry, the family and neighbors picked up Mona and sent her to the hospital, where she kept fighting with death for the whole five days, but finally, she died on the fifth day.

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No one suspects about the attack

In the meantime, Mona came to her senses many times, and many times she had talks with doctors to policemen. But in her life, Mona once again did not doubt anyone about the attack on herself. Rather, Mona repeatedly insisted that she has no enmity with anyone. In such a situation, the police registered an FIR and started investigating the matter. But despite millions of efforts, she was not able to proceed further in the investigation of this matter. Although the police were quite sure of this. The way the murderers ambushed Mona and attacked her, there can be no other reason behind it except enmity. At least it could not be linked to looting or any other such incident.

Police decided to reach the culprits

After investigating all the aspects, the police had reached this initial conclusion. This case was not even about the mistake of identity, that is, murder committed in deceit. Because of the way Mona was attacked. He was pointing out that the firing on Mona did not happen in a hurry. Rather, the murderers had done Mona and did a recce of her house before attacking. Had waited for him and when he became relaxed about it. This is the best time to attack, only then does he open fire on Mona. But since Mona left this world without giving any clue about her killers. So the police took a peek into his life and decided to reach the culprits of this incident.

The police checked the CCTV footage of the murder spot and its surroundings.

Apart from the CCTV footage of the murder spot and its surroundings in Rajiv Nagar, the police also found the number of mobile phones active in that area at the time of the incident. examined him. And in this effort, the police came to know about the shooter Bhim Yadav. As the police suspected, the case turned out to be exactly that. In the interrogation, at first, Bhima tried his best to mislead the police. But then soon he admitted that he was involved in the murder of Mona Rai. Bhima was actually one of those shooters. Who shot Mona Rai on 12 October. Now Patna Police had got an important end to this high-profile murder. But the mastermind of the murder was yet to reach and then what Bhima told in the interrogation. Suspicion was already happening to the police. The betel nut for Mona’s murder was not given by anyone else but by the wife of Raju the builder herself.

The murderer was shot in the lower part of Mona’s body.

His liver was damaged by bullets. First, his liver and then other parts of the body stopped working, and finally, he died on 17 October. For the time being, the police have solved this matter on paper only. Along with arresting one of the shooters in the case, the police have also revealed its conspiracy. But the mastermind of this murder Raju the builder’s wife, some other relatives, and the rest of the shooters are still out of reach of the police.

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