Paris Hilton recently talked about the tabloid culture of the 2000s and how the media exploited her to “game”

Paris, like Britney and Lindsay, has always been associated with a certain kind of fame. Her youth played out on the world stage and the media portrayed her as a “wild, vapid party girl”. Audiences believed Paris was playing herself in The Simple Life, an American reality series she starred in alongside Nicole Richie, but Paris says she was acting – she had a character That she specially curated for the masses. The “Dizzy Airhead” persona was a mask to hide behind and Paris wore it religiously for years.

Hilton said of her pre-documentary projects

In September 2020, her documentary aired on YouTube and multi-million dollar entity Paris Hilton finally spoke her truth. “Everything I’ve done before this is a 53-credit-strong list of film and television,” Hilton said of her pre-documentary projects. “I was joking,” she explained. “Sometimes it bothers people that I’m the blonde airhead that I played on [The Simple Life], but I love proving people wrong.”

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Airhead ‘Perfect Life’ Persona

In his forthcoming memoir, the aptly titled Paris: The Memoir, Hilton describes that persona as “steel-plated armor”. “I made sure I never had a quiet moment to figure out who I was without her. I dreaded that moment because I didn’t know what I would find.” -the doll was the airhead ‘Perfect Life’ persona. And there was some deep trauma that led to all that,” she admits.

Brittany has a hearing about her guardianship

Details of the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the Provo Canyon boarding school also came to light, and the public soon began to understand that there was actually a lot we didn’t know about the hotel heist. Months later, Britney referenced Paris’ trauma in her testimony at a hearing about her guardianship – using Hilton as an example of how difficult it is to be believed as a woman in celebrity culture.

condemned by the tabloids

Often referred to as the “Holy Trinity”, Hilton, Spears and Lohan were often linked together – condemned by the tabloids for their alleged love of partying, drinking and just having a good time. The friendship was built on much more than that, though, and the trio actually had a lot in common, possibly bonding over their similar experiences of fame.

The Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Supernova

For many, that same friend will forever be immortalized in a single image; Three women together in a car in Paris. As a Vanity Fair article about “the rise and fall of a celebrity supernova”, “they were in a car, looking rowdy, carefree, ready to let loose, raising hell, enjoying the night and the city.” Chasing dark ecstasy, the matching gleam in his heavily shadowed eyes telling you how deeply he didn’t f*ck up. He loved to have fun, I think you get the picture.

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