Paris Hilton Joins The Fun Crowd At Tomorrowland

Going incognito probably isn’t easy when you’re as famous as Paris Hilton. So, sometimes, a disguise can be your best friend. The US star performed a DJ set at Tomorrowland over the weekend. Boom is a Belgian electronic dance music festival held in Flanders.

TV icon Paris climbed onto the deck and Blew Tunes

Doing what she does best, TV icon Paris climbed onto the deck and blew the tunes. Which gave everyone a day to remember. But, she also wanted to be in the crowd, so she decided to wear a wig to hide her famous blonde locks. You may not be so sure it will work, but surprisingly, her metallic blue shoulder-length wig was a huge success.

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Paired with a black mini skirt, hid her face from the sun

She also struck a chord with the festival goers by wearing a black vest top, black sleeves and gloves. Which she paired with a black mini skirt, hiding her face from the sun. Paris shared a video to TikTok, which was filmed among fans living their best lives. , is dancing without any care in the world. In the compilation video in which Benny Benassi’s satisfaction was top-notch, she wrote: ‘Yesterday decided to wear a disguise for the land so I can pour my heart out.

Paris kicks off three-day grand affair with Carter Reim in 2021

However, it looks like the disguise could be great, as the heiress was actually chatted up by a guy. Who clearly didn’t know it was her. I did the night undercover and it really worked but .it could work too well’, she wrote. The man was seen asking her: ‘Who is he? Your boyfriend?’, to which Paris replied: ‘He’s my husband.’ Paris tied the knot with Carter Rem in 2021 in a three-day lavish affair. Her Peacock series, Paris in Love, documented the entire wedding journey from start to finish.

It would have been hard to miss paris that looked ultra

Meanwhile, on the stage of Tomorrowland, the media figure was in loud, proud Paris mode. Her outfit was in stark contrast to the mysterious look she wore to dance with other ticket holders. It would have been hard to miss Paris, who looked ultra, glam head-to-toe sequins including an iridescent bodysuit and matching boots, sunglasses, and even her headphones. She also wore a headband with her name on it, which definitely took her blonde hair back.

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