Paris Hilton Birthday Message To Nicole Richie In A Throwback Instagram Post On September 22

Paris Hilton wished her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie a happy birthday in a throwback Instagram post on September 22. Check out the sweet message below. Birthday post for Nicole Richie?

Happy Birthday NicoleRichie Hilton

Paris Hilton is wishing her longtime friend a happy birthday. And giving fans a throwback to her former reality show, The Simple Life. “Happy Birthday @NicoleRichie!,” Hilton wrote in a September 22 Instagram post. “So many fun, unforgettable and hilarious memories growing up together. But if the two have to go back to reality TV, they’ll want to make it version 2.0, showing off their brains and beauty.

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Hilton posted several photos of herself and Richie throughout the years

Along with the sweet caption, Hilton posted several photos of herself and Richie throughout the years. Including a picture of both of them in overalls on a farm during the days of their simple lives. She also shared video clips from the show, with the two sumo wrestling in pink bubble wrap. And one of them using the signature catchphrase “that’s hot.”

DJ continued wishing you a wonderful birthday

Hilton also revealed how their friendship lasted for decades. Photos of the pair show them as children and teenagers. The DJ continued, “Wishing you an amazing birthday and sending you lots of love on your special day. Followers loved the throwback moments, with actress Rachel Ziegler commenting, “‘Do you have 25¢?’ Forever iconic.” DJ Sam Blackie wrote, “Fave Duo Ever.

Iconic reality shows to air till 2007

And some users also want to watch the iconic reality show that aired from 2003 to 2007. “Bring back the simple life,” returning with YouTuber Ollie London. However, the socialite does not know whether the audience will see her or not. And Richie soon sings “Sansa” on his screen. “It’s a different time now,” Hilton shared with Too Fab in 2019 on the idea of ​​an Ordinary Life reboot.

Best time spent on a road trip around the world

“I think the show is like, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic. And so I don’t know if it can ever be made,” she explained. “Yeah, definitely enjoyed doing that and I got to play that character. We had the best time on a road trip around the world with my best friend. And doing things we would never do in our lives and It was the best time to do it, but now I’m like a serious businessman.

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