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Pakistan Missile Test Failed

A missile test in Pakistan has failed. It is being claimed on social media that on Thursday at 12 noon, Pakistan had test-fired a missile.

Pakistan’s missile got trapped as soon as it was launched

Pakistan on Thursday conducted a ‘missile test’ which failed. Although it has not officially confirmed yet. In fact, residents of Jamshoro, Sindh in Pakistan, saw an unidentified object at around 12 noon on Thursday. This object was similar to a rocket or missile, which remained in the middle of its projectile path.

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Officials said the mortar tracer was

There was a lot of discussion on news channels and social media about this test in Pakistan that the missile test failed. A viral video on social media also showed the missile falling from the sky, but local officials have denied any missile test. The local administration said it was a regular mortar tracer round that fired from close range. But the Mortar Taser round could have a maximum range of five kilometers, while the missile deviated from its target after going too far.

According to a reporter of Pakistan’s ARY news channel

There was news of a “plane, rocket or something like that” falling. He said that the police is probing the matter. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a flying object falling from the sky in Jamshoro, Sindh province. The object appears to be coming down with a tail of smoke.

What is NOTAM?

NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) are notices distributed via telecommunications, which include information relating to status or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure, or threat. Whose timely knowledge is essential for personnel related to flight operations.

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