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Pakistan Is Again Preparing For Infiltration On The Border

According to the information received by ABP News. These days ISI is using this center as a launchpad for training Al Badr terrorists.

Pakistan is preparing to infiltrate India

Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is using its offices as launch pads on the India-Pakistan border in Jammu. One such ISI center was caught in the camera of ABP News in the area adjacent to the Rajouri sector of Jammu throughout the day.

Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists kept for infiltration

Pakistan has three major launch pads in the Bhimber area alone. Where terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen and Jaish-e-Mohammed, including Al Badr, have been kept for infiltration. Actually, it is also easy for these terrorists to infiltrate from Bhimber area. There is not only a forest here, but it seems to be from Munavwar Tawi here. The area is the easiest to enter in India.

Before the snow falls in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is trying to infiltrate a large number of terrorists into India. In fact, after the snow falls, many traditional routes and infiltration routes of terrorists are closed. That is why at this time Pakistan is in the process of making a big infiltration from the border.

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Pak terrorists want to infiltrate from these areas

On the other side of the Keran sector, 80 terrorists are sitting ready to infiltrate on Pakistani soil. On the other side of the Tangdhar sector also 10 terrorists of Jaish-Lashkar are sitting ready on the launch pad. 40 terrorists are trying to infiltrate the launch pad on the other side of Poonch. So 20 terrorists are waiting on Pakistani soil on the other side of Krishna Ghati. 35 terrorists are present in the Pakistani camp opposite Bhimber Gali. A group of 25 terrorists is present on the other side in front of the post office area of ​​Rajouri. On the other side of the Nowshera sector, 35 terrorists are sitting in the process of infiltration.

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