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Owen Power Kyle Okepso to Bison Hockey Night at The Ballpark

Defenseman Owen Power and veteran winger Kyle Okopso have been added to the Buffalo Sabers’ list. Joe will appear as part of the Buffalo Bisons’ “Hockey Night at the Ballpark” Saturday night at Sahlen Field.

With teammates Jeff Skinner and Malcolm Subban

The herd will meet the Lehigh Valley Ironpig at 6:05 p.m. The game, in which Power and Okposo sign autographs with teammates Jeff Skinner and Malcolm Subban from 5 to 6 p.m. Skinner would throw the ceremonial first pitch before the game. Tickets are $16 before game day and $19 on Saturday.

Cassidy Sauve on the autograph table

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The Buffalo Beauties of the Premier Hockey Federation will also be on hand. At the autograph table will be represented by Cassidy Sauve, Courtney Maud, Allison Attia and Megan Daley. Autograph session is free and rules are no photo. There is one signed item per person per player and no full-size hockey stick.

Played four games last year before suffering a wrist injury

Powers, the Sabers’ 2021 No. 1 overall pick from the University of Michigan, will enter their first full NHL season after debuting in April for the final eight games of the 2021-22 campaign. Skinner, coming out of a bounce-back 33-goal season, will enter his fifth year at Buffalo and 13th year in the NHL. Okposo will be in their seventh Saber season and 16th in the league. Subban, who played four games last year before suffering a wrist injury at the end of the season. Buffalo and Rochester have returned to provide depth in goals for both Emerks.

Bison players will wear custom hockey night jerseys during the game. Which will feature the blue and gold color scheme of the Sabers and celebrate the white home jerseys of the 1970s and ’80s. Those jerseys will be autographed by the players and raffled after the game.

The Bisons currently play Sabers players Power, Skinner,

The Bisons are currently auctioning off autographed hockey night jerseys from Sabers players Power, Skinner, Okoposo and Alex Tuch, as well as Bison Gabriel Moreno, Casey Lawrence, Jack Collins, Chavez Young, Nathan Lux, Spencer Horwitz and Chavez Young are doing. This auction runs till 10 pm. Wednesday, Kirpan Foundation will benefit with net income.

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