Outer Banks Actress Madeline Cline Reveals Outer Banks Premiere In Spring 2020 Changed Madeline Cline Life Overnight

When “Outer Banks” premiered in the spring of 2020, Madeline Cline’s life changed overnight. Her character, Sarah Cameron – John Bee’s love interest and “princess of kooks” – has changed almost as much as Cline herself. While she is gearing up for the release of the third season of the teen drama on 23 February. She’s also starring in another Netflix hit: Rian Johnson’s “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”

We’ve seen him grow up really big

We’ve seen him really grow up. She has gone from such a teenager. One who doesn’t have much care in the world, or the responsibilities of having so many things burdened on his shoulders. She has learned that family is not just something you are born into but something you choose. She’s learning to speak up for herself, learning to put her foot down, and learning to know that. what is right and what is wrong versus what is right or wrong that you have been told. This season, we continue to piggyback on that with a few wrenches thrown into the mix. She’s got this voice, and she’s learning how to make decisions for herself.

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What’s your process for tapping into that?

It comes down to empathizing for me, because sometimes I’ll read things, and I, personally, as Maddie, go, “What the hell?” As with any character, I’m approaching them with empathy and finding out why. It’s really fun to play moral dilemmas because there are so many. I hope what I have portrayed seems true and authentic. But to be honest, that ebb and flow and grow, especially what we experience as teenagers and young adults, I hope holds true for our audience.

Do you like the whiskey of the film more or Sara?

Listen, whiskey is an influencer. I have been known to impress or at least try to. I wouldn’t say I’m like one or the other. I think there are aspects of myself that I definitely put into both. I really, really loved playing Whiskey because she was a little more out of my comfort zone. She’s a bit of a wild card; He has his own ulterior motive. He is versatile and it was really fun to play and explore with him. I don’t know whether I would say more about one or the other. I’ll ask my doctor. She knows me more than I know myself.

I really think that’s what it means to be sexy

Self-love is a daily journey. Your relationship with your body is deeply personal, and then in this industry, it becomes objectified. Balancing a very strange duality is indeed a difficult task. I think the main thing is to really let my body be what it is, and not feel like I need to make it what other people want it to be. So: to be honest or to be honest about weight fluctuations! it happens. I really think that being sexy means being confident in your own skin and doing whatever means best to you. This is something I’ve had to propagate back on myself as well.

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