Open Baby Khloe Kardashian Sees Newborn Son For The First Time

KHLOE Kardashian has given fans the first look at her baby boy at the premiere of The Kardashians’ second season on Hulu. Prior to the episode, the founder of Good American had not shown any photos of their child.

Embryo Transfer option with a surrogate

Months later when fans learned that 38-year-old Khloe was having a second child with her cheating ex. So he shared the first glimpse of his son. At the beginning of the episode, the fashion mogul discussed her decision to welcome another child with Tristan, 31. He disclosed That he opted for embryo transfer with a surrogate a few days before the news of his cheating with Marlee Nichols became public.

Tristan having a baby with someone else

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“That’s something I need to talk about. The day you guys were shooting with Kim about Tristan. You guys found out Tristan was having a baby with someone else. That’s it. There was something I was not ready to talk about.

I want to say Tristan and I

The mom of two said: “I don’t even want to cry. But Tristan and I – I don’t even know if I want to say Tristan and I – I’m having another baby,” Khloe said through tears.

Mental wellbeing as well as surrogates

She continued: “And obviously it’s really private. I don’t want it to come out because I want to protect my mental wellbeing as well as the surrogates and all that.

Her family rallies around her in the early part of the episode.

Khloe reflected on the season one finale, showing the drama unfolding. In which she told 41-year-old Kim, News: “There was a minute, I don’t know, I wasn’t with you guys. But that’s what I could see from watching the finale. I think Kim says, ‘If this sign Not that you shouldn’t have another baby with him, so I don’t know what is.’

exciting, wonderful time

The TV personality continued: “And I told her. I said, ‘Okay, we did an embryo transfer a few days ago.’ I mean it’s supposed to be a really exciting, wonderful time and it’s just a different experience, I guess. I mean I know.”

After throwing a baby Shower Khloe finds out her baby has Arrived

After her family throws a low-key baby shower for her, Khloe finds out her baby has arrived. Fans noticed that she had arrived at the hospital for the birth of her son.

During the ride to the hospital, she told 41-year-old Kim, who was tagging along: “I’m not ready.” Her older sister encouraged her, saying: “You’re never ready.”

She also brought Hulu cameras inside the hospital.

Kim and Khloe both appeared to be in good spirits, with Kim running the camera. “Hi, we have a baby,” she said at one point, waving to the camera. The sibling pair were in bed as Khloe’s surrogate pushed out the baby.

Someone shouted, “Here he is! Oh my god, he looks just like the Truth.”

Khloe immediately took the baby. skin-to-skin work with baby | She rubbed her head and shook her while crying. She said in a confession: “I’m so grateful. It’s such a beautiful gift that we’ve been able to receive it.

“Since December, this dark cloud has been hovering over me every day. I was feeling sad and sad. Now that my son is here, I have to move on.” Khloe added: “Now, I finally have to start the healing process.”

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