OnlyFans Model Reveals She Made $2 Million As The Queen Of Sexting

The OnlyFans model has revealed that she reportedly made $2 million from sending sexy texts and is sharing how to do it. Amber Sweetheart, a 35-year-old former makeup artist, wrote a book on it. Let “The Sexting Bible: Amber Sweetheart Version” give people the secret recipe to make money with cheeky SMS.

Sweetheart Accepted

Sweetheart admitted that she initially thought OnlyFans were “smart”, but realized after joining a year and a half ago. That she can make some serious cash out of it. The “queen of sexting” said she has come to her deepest state through daily practice. In the beginning, I was doing it 16 hours a day,” she told South West News Service.

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Sweetheart Claims she has earned $2 million so far

“When I started my fans only, it was during the pandemic, and I didn’t have anyone to satisfy,” she explained. Model Amber Sweetheart, a fan-only fan, has written a book full of tips on how to have sex the right way. Amber Sweetheart guiding how people sext. That’s how I developed sexting skills because I needed to do something to stand out,” she said.

Model Amber Sweetheart wrote a book full of sex tips

According to Sweetheart, she built her OnlyFans empire on her own by creating a business strategy and learning marketing, and advertising. Sweetheart’s sexting sessions last 30 to 40 minutes, earning her $200 to $1,000 per session, earning her a whopping $2 million since she started. The “queen of sexting” said she has come to her remarkable state through daily practice.

Make some amazing and genuine connections with people through sexting

As well as earning money, she was also attracted by the connections she could make with fans. She said, “I’ve actually made some wonderful and genuine connections with people through sexting, sweetheart realized. There was a commercial side to the fans only. She said that she does have sex with some women but regulars.” not in the form.

Sweetheart spends about five to eight hours a day sexting

Sweetheart spends around five to eight hours a day sexting and has around 10 regular customers. She calls him “boyfriend” – although she hasn’t met him in person. “One, it’s the same, and two, it’s against the rules. Meet people,” she said. “We have a closeness and that’s enough.” Most of her clients are American men aged 30 to 45, but she is Also able to be multilingual in sexting, and communicating in English, Spanish or Swedish.

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