One The Woman Star Honey Lee Welcomes Baby Girl

South Korean actress Honey Lee gave birth to her first child with her partner in Seoul, South Korea. Fans flooded social media with congratulatory posts for him. Also, Honey Lee’s wife is a non-celebrity, so. We humbly ask you to avoid excessive speculation about their personal information. We wish you your kind understanding, and the agency also hints at Honey Lee’s on-screen return soon.

In December last year, the actor revealed

South Korean actor Honey Lee welcomed his first child with his partner on June 20, 2022. One of the country’s most celebrated faces, the actor-model is best known for his roles in ventures such as Heart Blackened, Extreme Job, Alienoid, One The women, and much more. In December last year, the actor revealed. She officially tied the knot with her non-celebrity partner in a private wedding ceremony. A month later, she announced the news of her pregnancy.

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Honey Lee welcomes baby girl

According to Sompy, Honey Lee’s agency Saram Entertainment issued a statement to give fans the good news. He also told fans that the actor and his baby are healthy, and are currently taking rest. “We want to share the good news. Honey Lee gave birth to a baby girl yesterday (June 20) at a hospital in Seoul. Presently, both the mother and the baby are healthy, and they are resting with the blessings and care of their families.

After the announcement, fans congratulated Honey Lee and her family

He continued, “We express our gratitude to those who were watching with the warm support. Please give lots of blessings and support to actress Honey Lee, who has gained a new member in her family and her newborn baby boy.” After the announcement, fans congratulated Honey Lee and her family. One fan tweeted, “Congratulations dear, you are a wonderful mother, I am so happy for you. So happy,” another wrote, “Hey, congratulations to the proud parents.

In the statement issued by the agency regarding the marriage, he wrote

As reported earlier, Honey Lee secretly married her partner last year. Decided to keep her husband’s identity a secret. In the statement issued by the agency regarding his marriage, he wrote. ‘Honey Lee, who met a priceless person, promised to be a lifelong partner with him based on trust and affection for each other. In view of the difficult times, instead of getting married, they were somewhere in Seoul on December 21. Got married through a vow ceremony in which only his family members attended.

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