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Ola Jordan Says Coming in Third Place Made Her Sex life ‘Worse’ With Husband James

Recently admitted to feeling ‘horrified’ and ‘disappointed’ by her ‘mum body’ as she shared a bikini pic on social media.

ola jordan now said

Her sex life with her husband James has gotten ‘worse’ after finishing third as she spoke openly about her body image. The former Strictly Come Dancing professional, 39, said she used to weigh 8th and He now weighs 11th, while 44-year-old former dancer James is placed at 5th and 16th.

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‘ said James

Talking about their ‘mom and dad bods’, the couple said that they feel like their sex life isn’t that exciting anymore, as they shared their desire to ‘get back in shape’. When it comes to sex The stomach gets in our way when it comes to and I am a bit heavy now. It’s not that exciting.’

James’ two-year-old daughter Ella

James further said that he likes Ola and himself ‘small’, adding that he doesn’t want to bother her, but he wants them both to be fit for the sake of their health. I like small Of course I still love and adore her.” The couple – who share two-year-old daughter Ella – said they made ‘poor lifestyle choices’ during the Covid-19 lockdown, when James Tragically lost his father.

A bikini-clad picture shared by Ola with her husband James

She is a proponent of body positivity, she is both classified as obese and wants to lose weight for health reasons and for her daughter Ella. Ola said she never wants to make anyone ‘feel bad’, but She said that fitness is important to her as she wants to feel ‘healthy’ again as she looked in her professional dancer days. Her latest comments came after Ola shared a bikini-clad picture with her husband James and admitted that she felt ‘horrified’ and ‘shocked’ at her ‘mum bod.’ Last month, she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her husband sunbathing in their swimwear while at their swimming pool stood near.

In a caption, British-Polish ballroom dancer

candidly admitted she felt ‘horrified’ and ‘disappointed’ at her ‘mum bod’, adding that she was posting the pic to ‘motivate’ herself. She wrote: ‘Hi guys I not going to post this picture but I have decided because I am scared and very disappointed with myself and by posting this I hope it will help inspire me to do something about it. .’Our friend took this snap of us yesterday while trying to stay cool by the poolside but OMG…it was a total jerk to say the least! When did we get ‘Mom and Dad’s lap’????

Celebrity friends to send their words of support

We know we’re not in our strictly best shape, but that’s what happens when you stop dancing for hours every day and have a baby (I just want to know James’ excuse) . I guess I should avoid ice cream for a while!!! Couples who eat together @jamesjordan1978 stay together.’ Her celebrity friends flocked to the comments to send her words of support, saying she looks ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’ and asks her to be easy on herself. urges.

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