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Oklahoma State Named National Champion Wrestler A.J. Ferrari Amid Sexual Assault Investigation

Oklahoma State AJ According to The Oklahoman, Ferrari pulled out of its program amid an investigation into the sexual assault of the national championship-winning wrestler.

Ferrari amid sexual assault investigation

A Stillwater woman reportedly filed a protective order against Ferrari on 5 July. But the details are not available. The Stillwater Police Department issued a statement on Wednesday confirming Ferrari, the full name Albert James Ferrari Jr., was a suspect in an investigation into a sexual assault from an incident on July 2.

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Respond to a report of a sexual assault investigation

Saturday 2nd July 2022 at 4 pm. The Stillwater Police Department responded to a report of a sexual assault investigation that took place in our jurisdiction. The suspect in the case has identified as Albert James Ferrari Jr.

Payne County District Attorney to Consider Charges

The matter is currently being investigat by our Criminal Investigation Unit. The SPD is committe to a thorough investigation of these cases. Once the investigation is complete, the case will present to the Payne County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing charges.

According to the NCAA, Ferrari is one of 19 wrestlers in NCAA history to win the title as a true freshman, which he did in 2021 at 197 pounds.

Ferrari’s sophistication season was interrupted in January. When he involved in a raging roll-over car accident. He requires helicopter transport to an Oklahoma City hospital and reportedly experienced internal bleeding, low oxygen levels, and fluid in his lungs. Their season ended prematurely with a 10–0 record.

Target because of his status as an elite athlete

“It is unfortunate that a student-athlete may become a target primarily because of their status as an elite athlete. AJ is cooperating with law enforcement and is confident the truth will come out. The timing was appreciated, but he and the university mutually agreed that a change was appropriate.”

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