Oh John Constantine The Key To The Predator 2 Easter Egg Pre Sequel

Oh John Constantine! There have been some cracks on you in film and television. But no one has been able to make a complete landing. Instead of trying, Sandman has wisely gone with his distracted counterpart, Johanna Constantine. Originally created as a French Revolution-era progenitor of John. This Johanna is a current exorcist and bullshit. He broke up with his most recent girlfriend. Because he “explained” that Johanna had an accident with him for a month. He’s got beef with the royal family. He has an unspecified tragic backstory. If it was the MCU, I could have sworn we were being set up for a spinoff series. Maybe we are.

Made as an ancestor of John’s French Revolution-era

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I, for one, would welcome a Johanna Constantine show. As a former Doctor Who fellow, Jenna Coleman is no stranger to saving the world from CGI dangers on a weekly basis. And she’s got a fun (and sensual) energy in this role. So let’s figure it out for her eight-episode commitment. Hellblazer time for the Ladies Show. Harblazer, if you will.

Dream very emotionally similar to Johanna

Talking about Horny, Johanna and Dream have real chemistry. The vibes are clear, and comedic wise, both characters are kind of sloppy. (When Johanna asks Dream if she has an ex, I made a very intrepid, barking shriek of sorts. A literal LOL.) Coleman and Tom Sturridge smack at each other nicely. I can hear fanfic texting as we speak. And Dream is very emotionally in the same place as Johanna: distrusting, hiding her surplus of emotions under the pretext of not caring, and going through a trenchcoat era. Total enemy-to-lover fodder.

Apparently when Henry VIII raided the monasteries,

We meet Johanna. Because she does some contract exorcism for the Church of England. Finally, scary crap is no longer the sole authority of Catholics. Apparently when Henry VIII raided the monasteries, he also found demons. Johanna’s contacts suspect that a member of the royal family has been captured. What does it say about her current reputation that a possessed princess is honestly an upgrade? However, if Prince Andrew had So this “I don’t sweat” explanation would be better than any bullshit he’s pulled. If demons sweat Then Hell will be so sticky that he cannot even imagine.

sexual tension with johanna

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” does a lot to open up Dream Up. Forces him to step out of his comfort zone, to interact with people and crows. When Johanna disobeys his direct orders. So he is clearly very surprised. It will undoubtedly have an effect in the next episode. But this is the problem of the Dream of the future. Right now, he is engaged in sexual tension with Johanna and non-sexual tension with Patton Oswalt.

Alex Burgess not really having to double dip Jessami in that sauce

In addition to Johanna Constantine, we meet two other recurring characters in the Sandman mythos of the period: Mad Hattie and Matthew the Raven. The first is a centuries-old woman who is too stubborn to die and has the knowledge of tantric. The latter, voiced by Oswalt. There is a person who woke up the immortal crow one day. Apparently those who die in sleep. Do they become crows? That’s a lot of crows. It also helps to explain why Dream took Jessamy’s murder so seriously. She had full sensitivity. Also, he had to die twice. which is unfair. Alex Burgess really shouldn’t have double dipped Jessamy in that sauce.

Morpheus interrupts Johanna’s exorcism

Dream, Johanna and Matthew are engaged in that royal exorcism. Im impressed, I must say. I consume a lot of demon/monster-hunting stuff, and I’ve never seen anyone trick a monster into reciting vanishing latin phrases. Give Johanna a chain, I’m begging you! Morpheus interrupts Johanna’s exorcism. And that in turn obstructs his attempt to retrieve his rudder. And then Matthew interrupts their meeting.

Johanna trying to escape

The stories of Dream and Constantine intersect and overlap in a way that underscores the main theme of the episode, that you can’t live in a hermetically sealed bubble. An ironic theme given the first episode of the show. It can be helpful to have other people around, such as when Matthew tells Dream that Johanna is trying to escape.

It’s a recurring trope in John Constantine literature that his companions are always stuffing what’s in the refrigerator. so to speak. Being a magical pain in the ass is dangerous work, and people who love John often end up hurting more than he himself does.

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