Nusrat Jahan And Yash Love Story

Nusrat Jahan has recently revealed her love story. The actress has run away with her love i.e. Yashdas Gupta and Yash has also put his stamp on this.

Nusrat Jahan, a well-known actress of Bengali cinema

Nusrat Jahan, a well-known actress of Bengali cinema, is often in the headlines, once again a statement of the actress has created a sensation on social media. Recently, the actress spoke openly about her relationship and Yashdas Gupta supported her. He told how their love story progressed.

nusrat and yash love story

Well-known actress of Bengali cinema and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has been in tremendous headlines for her personal life for the past several days. Despite keeping silent on her relationship with actor Yash Dasgupta, she never hid her relationship. At the same time, recently he has spoken openly about his love story with Yash. A video of Nusrat and Yash is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Nusrat appeared in a very candid style while expressing her love in this video. Nusrat was seen saying that ‘I ran away with you’.

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had run away

Actually, Nusrat Jahan had invited Yash Dasgupta as a guest in her radio show ‘Ishq with Nusrat’. Nusrat introduced Yash to the show as ‘my choice’. During this, in the midst of the conversation, Yash asked Nusrat that how did our relationship start? To this Nusrat replied that ‘I ran away with you’. Yash was shocked to hear this and said- ‘You had run away? You mean that we ran on the streets holding hands?’… On hearing this Nusrat said- ‘No no, I ran away with you, that’s the right word’.

nusrat video

Nusrat said that ‘the subject of this episode is ‘my love, my choice, I fell in love with you, it was my choice and everything else is history. However, Nusrat has continued the suspense over the marriage. She has not talked about marriage with Yash Dasgupta but she has given a hint of it on social media. Sharing a post, he wrote- ‘Husband and Dad’.

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