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Now Semiconductors Will Be Made In India Itself It Will Cost Rs 76 Thousand Crores

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister told on Wednesday. The Government of India will spend Rs 76 thousand crores for semiconductor and display manufacturing in the country.

Now semiconductors will be made in India only

Giving a big relief to the country’s automobile sector, a big announcement has been made in the cabinet meeting. The Union Information and Broadcasting Minister said on Wednesday that the Government of India will spend Rs 76 thousand crores for semiconductor and display manufacturing in the country under the PLI scheme.

Negotiations on a mega deal between India and Taiwan

At present, the entire world industry affected by the global crisis of semiconductors. The shortage of semiconductors has hit the automobile and gadgets industry. Due to this, automakers have had to cut production. Along with the automobile sector around the world, it has also affected mobile phones and other technology-related products. But now this problem is going to go away soon. Negotiations are going on for a mega-deal between India and Taiwan to overcome the shortage of semiconductors ie chips. Under this agreement, the chip produced in India itself. This will also cut down on the tariff on the component.

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Plant to be set up in India

According to media report Officials in India and Taiwan have been working on finalizing a deal for a semiconductor-making plant for several weeks now. Under this deal, a plant set up for semiconductor production in India at a cost of $ 7.5 billion (about Rs 55.36 thousand crores). This will include components ranging from 5G devices to electric cars.

Why Semiconductor Shortage Happened

The special thing about semiconductors or chips is this. Because of their properties, they are somewhere between conductor and insulator. These chips, usually made of silicon, are used in many devices such as cars, computers, laptops, TVs, smartphones, fridges, home appliances, and gaming consoles. Chips used in the automobile industry to help install airbags, control entertainment units, and power backup cameras.

Tension between China and America is also a reason

The tension between the US and China is also a big reason for the chip shortage. Since many US companies do business with Chinese companies. For example, a company that supplies American chip makers has been blacklisted by the US government. So it can take a long time to smooth out the chip supply.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a conversation with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano E Amon during his recent visit to the US. During this interaction, the Prime Minister briefed them about the vast business possibilities available in India. This Santiago company provides services related to semiconductor, software manufacturing as well as wireless technology. India wants massive investment from Qualcomm.

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