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Now Lethal Corona Virus Can Be Spread by Rats And Monkeys

Some species of rats were repeatedly exposed to the SARS virus. Their bodies were likely to develop a certain level of resistance to the virus.

Deadly corona can be spread by animals

In the last two years, the coronavirus has changed the direction and condition of the whole world. Although gradually the speed of corona infection has decreased. The number of Kovid positive patients has also stabilized. But in the meantime, experts have given such a warning about the spread of this deadly virus. Hearing this, your ears will also stand up.

Repeated infection develops immunity in mice

Both wrote in their research paper. Our study shows Rats have been shown to be recurrently infected with coronaviruses such as SARS. He said, possibly as a result of these infections, they have developed tolerance or immunity to coronaviruses like SARS. In their study, Dr. King and Professor Singh studied the so-called ACE2 receptors. With the help of which viruses like SARS enter the cells of mammals.

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The virus spread similarly in China

Exactly the same happened in China. The virus that emerged from there caused the Middle East syndrome to spread. SARS spread from there and now the coronavirus came out from there, which has wreaked havoc all over the world for the last two years.

Variant P-1 turned out to be very dangerous in Brazil

Brazil’s coronavirus variant P-1 originated from the city of Manaus. This coronavirus variant is so dangerous. Can deceive immunity. Nawa said that the body fluids, feces, blood, tissues, etc. of more than 100 wild animals are kept in the refrigerators of this university’s laboratory. There are also parts and remains of more than 40 species of animals. Most of them are monkeys, bats, rats, and mammals. Alessandra Nava says that the next epidemic is likely to be spread by bacteria, viruses, etc. living in the body of these organisms.

Brazilian researchers revealed

At the same time, Brazilian researchers have expressed apprehension in one of their studies. A dangerous epidemic can also spread through bacteria and viruses present in the Amazon forests. That virus and bacteria can easily reach the human body through rats and monkeys. He told that recently university biologist Marcelo Gordo and his team found the decomposed bodies of three pied tamarin monkeys in the cooler. He said that someone had switched off the power supply of this cooler long back, due to which the bodies of the monkeys rotted inside. Marcelo and his team took samples from monkeys. Discovered parasitic worms, viruses, and other infectious agents from monkey samples. He told that keeping monkeys and rats away from the human body can save them from many deadly infections.

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