Not OK Star Zoey Dutch Notes Dark Comedy And Test Screening

Actor-turned-producer Quinn Shepherd returns to screens Friday in the dark comedy Not OK. She plays Danny Sanders, a depressed young woman. who photoshops a trip to Paris to impress an influencer (Dylan O’Brien). However, Danny’s plans quickly fail when a terrorist attack coincides with his whereabouts. Instead of telling the truth, she poses herself to avoid a stroke. Overnight she gets the fame and attention she thought she always wanted.

As an executive producer on the Searchlight Pictures project for Hulu, Dutch welcomed the additional responsibility.

Dutch tells the Hollywood Reporter

“When I did Buffaloed and not OK. So I was at the center of these movies. So I wanted to know everything that was going on. Because every little thing matters. So I’d rather have a seat at the table than beg for one,” Dutch tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Welcome to another twist in the form of the last-remaining Valley Girl

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In 2019, Deutch received rave reviews for his portrayal of Madison in Zombieland’s Double Tap, and director Ruben Fleischer recently reiterated to THR that the Madison spinoff is of great interest to him. Naturally, Dutch would welcome another twist in the form of the world’s last-remaining Valley Girl.

Dutch jokes regarding Madison’s Von Dutch clothes,

Dutch jokes in relation to Madison’s Von Dutch clothing, “For lack of a finer pun, I would prefer to put the ‘Von Dutch’ dress back.” “That experience was so much fun. I’m begging Ruben Fleischer to put me in one of his movies again. But yeah, I’d love to play Madison again. She’s such a character.”

Tiktok is his best friend and worst enemy

In a recent conversation with THR, Dutch also revealed about this. That’s how TikTok became his best friend and worst enemy during the making of Not OK. She then goes on to explain how a test screening significantly affected the film.

A film The Year of Specular Men

Well, my first experience was producing a film called The Year of Spectacular Men. Which was written by my sister Madeline Dutch and directed by my mother Lee Thompson. It made me realize how much I love doing it. I am a very detail oriented person. I am a control freak. I love artists and have so many wonderful artists in my life.

‘Buffaloed’ and ‘Not OK’

So it was such a fun occasion. That I respect people and like to work, and to be involved in and all these little decisions is a part of the way a film works. When I did ‘Buffaloed’ and ‘Not OK’. So I was at the center of these movies. So I wanted to know everything that was going on. Because every little thing matters. So I’ll have a seat at the table instead of begging for one.

Quinn and I are obsessed with meta marketing

Quinn and I were obsessed with meta marketing and creating a Not Okay TikTok, and it’s clearly unconventional for a studio film to release information about costumes, sets, characters, actors ahead of time. They usually want to keep it all a secret until the right time. But we were really interested in the experiment of parceling out information on TikTok. Without telling people what the film is. And it worked. Searchlight actually supported it too.

The warning arose from a test screening

If I’m being honest, that warning was born out of a test screening. People were unsure of what to think of him. And now, Content Alert completely changes the viewer’s experience. At least from our point of view, it’s also part of the satire. It’s like, “We have to tell you he dislikes and that’s okay? Now you can see him because you know he dislikes?”

American Psycho or The Wolf of Wall Street

Whereas when you watch movies like American Psycho or The Wolf of Wall Street. So these are brutally unfit men. But we are never worried about it. So it changed the experience of the audience which I found very interesting.

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