Not Limited To Bollywood Shama Sikander Opens Up On Casting Couch In The Industry

Yeh Meri Life Hai actress Shama Sikander recently revealed. How the film industry has changed since its inception in the late 1990s. In exclusively discussing “Casting Couch,” the 41-year-old Maya star expressed her thoughts on people who ask for sex in return for work.

Shama joins Bollywood Life with the makers

Shama told Bollywood Life about her experience of becoming “friends” with the producers. In the past, I have told the makers that they want to be friends with me. I was like, how can we be friends if we don’t work together? I think the whole concept of asking for sex in return for work is at the lowest level. I mean, you have to be a very insecure person to do that. Some of these manufacturers and manufacturers were well-established names in the industry.

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Shama said?

What does she think about the producers who prey on people like this? Not holding back, Shama said, “It shows that you don’t have that much confidence. That you can win a woman’s heart in an organic way,” adding that people are exploiting others. It’s evil to act like this: “I think evil is present in every person. That’s why some people think they can humiliate others in this way. But, he also said that this kind of thing. Sexual misconduct exists everywhere. Only in the Hindi film industry: “Casting couch is not limited to Bollywood only.

Appreciating the improvements seen in the industry, said

Given the fact that Shama has been in the film and TV business for more than two decades. He has seen a lot and deserves to comment on it. whether things are changing or have changed. Thankfully, Shama had positive news about the way things are going. Because he lauded the reforms seen in the industry today, saying: “The industry has changed a lot and for the better. Today, young producers are far more professional and treat people with respect. They don’t have the notion of sex in exchange for work.

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