Norting bombshell Love Island star after clip emerges of sniffing white substance in the super-tough country

The fashion and beauty influencer was detained at Abu Dhabi airport while in transit for a flight to Thailand.

shot during lockdown

It is understood his name was flagged as UAE authorities are still investigating a two-year-old video of him smelling a suspicious white substance at a party. The footage was shot during the lockdown as the UK The people affected had come to Dubai to avoid restrictions in the US, it was revealed by The Sun on Sunday.

looking forward to going back to Thailand

Police refused to let the terrified 28-year-old Kaz phone her family after her arrest on Monday. A source said: “She was keen to go back to Thailand where she had been doing volunteer work and suddenly she was in a Dubai jail. Closed. Everybody knows how tough they are on drugs over there.” She must be horrified.” She only stopped over in Abu Dhabi to catch a connecting flight, but her name has clearly raised a red flag.

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Was allowed to send emails and was not even allowed to make phone calls.

“She messaged a particular friend whose email she could remember and asked her to inform her family that she was fine but had been arrested for drugs offences. The arrest was not due to anything he had. Under recently changed drug laws in Dubai, first-time offenders face a minimum jail term of three months and a fine of between £4,559 (AED 20,000) and £22,799 (AED 100,000). ,

the agent said

Experts say expatriates caught using drugs are usually sent back to their countries after being jailed. Kaz’s agent said he cooperated with the police and is expected to be released this morning. In the clip Said to have been filmed in Dubai in November 2020 as the UK was in lockdown, Caz is seen in an orange dress leaning on a side table where chunky lines of powder are seen laying.

a shocked witness said

Kaz was running with a pretty tough partying crowd. She’s definitely not as clean-cut as she makes it online. Kaz, who came third on Love Island in 2018 and is set to feature on Channel 5’s upcoming show The Challenge, spent the past year in Thailand Spent a lot doing voluntary work. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are in contact with the local authorities following the arrest of a British national in the UAE.”

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