No Lotto Luxury We Are £1m Lottery Winners But Love To See It At Concerts

Stephen Webster, 45, and Aaron Taylor, 41, claimed huge prizes last year after tallying five main numbers and a bonus ball.

A couple living in Bridgewater for over 20 years at Somerset Music Festival

In recent years she has only attended Sundays due to family commitments. However, this year she will be attending the full event for the first time since becoming a parent. Mr. Webster, a power station’s control and instrumentation engineer, said: ” My first Glastonbury was a washout, but I absolutely loved it. Since then, I’ve been to every festival.

Of course, when our first child was born in 2011

Things changed a bit. Although we took our eight-week-old with us that year, it was only for one day.” Since then, that’s what we’ve done, we haven’t camped, we just went for Sundays.” However, now Our kids are so grown up, the four of us are about to go all weekend for the first time. We are all very excited.

“U2 has a definite allure for me.

“They played on the Sunday night after my eldest was born, so I left him at home and went back to see him because they’re my favorite.” The thing about Glastonbury is that it’s just about the music. There isn’t—though it’s completely out of this world—there’s so much going on that you can’t really plan, you just have to go with the flow.”

The family will go to the festival in an old caravan

“I don’t think we’ve ever showered in Glastonbury before, having a caravan would be a total luxury,” said dispensing optician Ms. Taylor. No need to worry about or where we can cut costs, we are able to focus solely on how to make this the best possible trip.

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