Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal Announce Their Engagement

The romance of Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal continues to give something to talk about. However this time not because of his lawsuit with actress Cynthia Clito, but because he is ready to take the next step in their relationship. So he did not hesitate to give the details of the marriage.

45-year-old actor “The House of the Famous 2”

The Cuban star and the 45-year-old actor met while participating in the second season of “The House of the Famous 2”. Although some fans indicated that their passionate romance was a tactic to keep their place on the reality show, they have been accused of proving the opposite.

An Intimate Encounter in the Archaeological Zone

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Between passionate kisses and romantic trips, the couple has shown that they are in love more than ever. For this reason, they have decided to take their relationship to the next level. That is why they have created an intimate encounter in the archaeological realm. Committed to function. in Machu Picchu, Peru.

went ahead and made this commitment

The so-called “Scandal Woman” received a bracelet with red detailing that matches the ring worn by Juan Vidal. About the wedding and what he expects from the ceremony Talking about this, the actor said, “She wants to do it differently. So I went ahead and made this commitment.”

“There are ways to engage spiritually that are more honest. I would like it to be in a senate in the southeast of the Yucatán because the senate is there, and all Mexicans know it has a special energy,” said Niurca with media said in his meeting.

niurka marco weddings

The actress, 54, has had a long career in entertainment thanks to her talent on stage, though that didn’t save her from the struggles for her love life and the scandals she starred in in Arrival at the Altar.

niurka marcos first husband

Federico vila He was the first husband of Niurka Marcos and although little is known about it. It is known That he had met her when he came to Mexico. they . Mazatlan and their relationship resulted in the birth of their first child, Kylo. Vedette was a victim of violence and decided to divorce in order to return to her native Cuba.

Jorge Francisco Passos, father of his daughter Romina Marcos

Years later she met Jorge Francisco Passos, father of her daughter Romina Marcos, and they began a relationship away from the limelight. Although he did not reach the altar with them, today they maintain a good relationship. The most infamous marriage Niurka was with her producer Juan Osoriothey lived together for four years and came to the world Emilio Osorio.

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