Nicole Tom Cruise Marriage Lasted 11 Years After Hearing The Question Related To Tom Cruise

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman slammed a journalist for inflicting wounds on an old relationship. During the interview, a journalist had asked her a question about her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Nicole and Tom’s relationship lasted 11 years, after which both got divorced.

Kidman Fiercely Classed the Journalist who Asked the Question

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman may have split from Tom Cruise. But the questions related to him do not leave Nicole’s chase. He had to face this even during a recent interview. However, Nicole Kidman fiercely classed the journalist who asked the question. He silenced the journalist and said that only questions related to his film should be asked.

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Nicole is busy Promoting The Film

According to the news published in our affiliate website WION, 54-year-old actress Nicole Kidman promoting her film ‘Being the Ricardos’. In this connection, he spoke openly about the film and his character in an interview. Nicole seen in the role of Lucille Ball in this biopic. He told that he liked the point at which the story of the film ends.

Nicole Tells The Story of Meeting her Husband

Keith Urban came again in Nicole’s life. After some time relationship, both of them got married. Nicole said, “My husband Keith says that when he met me he said, “How’s your heart?” I said open.

Impressed With Keith in the First Meeting

After 4 months, both started talking on the phone. Nicole said I was impressed with Keith from the first meeting. Yes, but he took some time to take the matter forward. At the same time, Keith immediately said, no… no this is completely wrong. Let us tell you that Keith and Nicole met in the year 2015. Keith realized in the first meeting that Nicole would one day become his wife. Both have 3 children now.

Bad Mood on Hearing The Question

Nicole Kidman said that the story of the film is of such a creative and romantic relationship, which does not work. This movie doesn’t end with a happy ending like regular movies and I really liked it. Hearing this from the actress, the journalist asked a question related to Tom Cruise. She said would you say the same about your marriage to Tom Cruise? This question of the journalist spoiled the mood of the actress and she shook her.

‘Let me live my life’

Kidman said, ‘No, it is not like that at all, this thing has become very old. In this way, personal life should not be brought in between. I find this question gender discriminatory. I don’t think you would ask the same question to a man. Let me live my life. Significantly, Nicole and Tom’s marriage lasted a total of 11 years from 1990 to 2001. They have adopted two children, whose names are Isabella and Connor.

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