Nicki Minaj Responds To Viral IG Page Claiming To Be Her Assistant

The page has since been removed from Instagram. Nicki Minaj is rarely surprised to find herself trending on Twitter as the queen of rap. However on Monday (August 1) he did not hesitate to address the harmful rumors circulating online, making his name a popular topic. Conversation.

Made nearly 50 posts in an attempt to expose Minaj

In case you missed it, an account claiming to be a former, subsidiary of the Pink Friday hitmaker has surfaced online in the past few days. In which there are allegations about all kinds of tea and one’s mother. As The Shade Room notes, the page was registered. Someone by the name of Kate Miller, who posted about 50 in an attempt to expose Minaj. One of them read, “I am Onika’s former assistant, whom she fired because there was no evidence of fraud in her bank account.

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Account owner alleged

I’m exposing all the files I have to make it work for him. Along with voice messages she sent me about a lot of different people.” The account owner alleged that the Trinidadian artist owed the IRS $173 million in unpaid taxes. That she owed her upcoming single “Freaky Girl” to hit the charts. paid for, and her son is named Amadeus Cyril Petty, despite Nicky and her husband wishing to keep the moniker private.

Minaj was quick to get on Instagram Live and shut down the gossip

Minaj was quick to get on Instagram Live and shut down the gossip. She told the audience, “Every day I learn that you are all being sloppy and stupid.” “The other day I was on Twitter and I saw this whole fanbase, bitch.” They marked up an entire spreadsheet saying, ‘This is what we do to finally get rid of Nikki.’ And they were saying all kinds of nonsense and I was just like it’s sad, isn’t it?” he continued.

Watch Nicki Minaj’s Recent IG Live

For the most part, Minaj seemed baffled that anyone would believe that Page could be real. “I’m amazed that people are so stupid,” she said. That people are really believing that I have found someone like that. Which works for me and now they are spilling tea. Chile, however, is not like that either. This is the sound of tea so dumb, and for a person to believe it, you have to be dumb. It’s clearly a kid.” The page has since been removed since she addressed the drama. Watch Nicki Minaj’s recent IG live below, and tap back with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates Do it.

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