Nick Cannon Baby Mama Alyssa Scott Reflects Back On Late Son Zayn Visit To The Doctor

Alyssa Scott continues to mourn the loss of her and Nick Cannon’s son Zane. Sharing about how much her life has changed since she went to the hospital for brain surgery. On Friday, the model took to Instagram and recalled the traumatic events that played out on August 12, 2021.

Scott wrote on a picture of his baby wrapped in a blue blanket

Scott wrote on a photo of his baby wrapped in a blue blanket, ‘I can’t believe it’s been a year. Which I thought a quick doctor visit would turn into a 5-day hospital stay. Alyssa Scott continues to mourn the loss of her and Nick Cannon’s son Zane by sharing how much her life has changed since she went to the hospital for brain surgery.

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Scott told his son about that day

Scott told his son about the day he thought. That she turned to ‘what would be a quick doctor’s visit, but a five-day hospital stay’ and brain surgery. Scott shared how things were changing at a rapid pace on that fateful day. And that it soon turned into an emergency. “We showed up at 9 and by 11:30, Zane was having brain surgery at 8 weeks old,” he continued. Zane later died of a brain tumor on 5 December at the age of just five months.

Scott shared a video of Zayn on Instagram on his first birthday

Back in June, Scott paid tribute to his baby boy on his first birthday by sharing a video of Zane on Instagram. All the feelings that I have in my mind today have undying love at the root of them. She captioned the clip that begins with a proud mother raising her son as a newborn. We knew he wouldn’t see it until 6 months old,’ Scott previously shared in an Instagram post. ‘I am forever grateful that he was in the arms of those who loved him most.

The fact is that I will light their first candle

‘I always try my best to be positive, but right now I can’t help but scream ‘It’s not supposed to’. In my mind, I can see him crawling around breaking my cake, and groping my feet. But the fact is that it is I who will light his first candle. I wish he was still here with us. Rest high.’ Canon will repost Scott’s tribute, adding to the caption. ‘It’s better than ever,’ said Alyssa, a wonderful mother who is loving, nurturing, irreplaceable, and full of strength.

Zayn looked like a healthy and happy boy in Instagram clip

The birthday tribute to Zayn featured a series of shots of the young boy. In which one in which his elder sister was showing him some love. Zayn looked like a healthy and happy boy in the Instagram clip. In the birthday video, Scott holds his son while walking on the beach. As part of his birthday tribute, Scott and Cannon reunited for a lighting ceremony. which served as a remembrance of his messenger, and to announce the launch of a charity in his name.

‘Birth of Zen’ has now changed to ‘Light of Zen’

‘Birth of Zen’ has now changed to ‘Light of Zen’. We are proud to announce his new foundation that will help many others in this world. ‘ he captioned a picture taken at the event. Zen’s Lite mission is to promote global excellence in hope, bereavement, and pediatric health care for families and children in need. Cannon revealed that he and Scott thought Zayn had sinus problems. So they took him for that doctor’s visit.

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening ceremony

He thanked all those who participated in the opening ceremony. The post concluded, ‘especially the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and our other beautiful partners. Can’t wait for next year where our Lightning Gala will move to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. And will help console more families during difficult times. ‘We knew from August that Zen time on this earth would be limited.

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