NHS worker Caught With Coke In Creamfields Gets 3 Years In Prison

Courtney Healy’s life ruined’ after consuming 9 grams of cocaine at a concert – she arrested after her tent raided and WhatsApp messages left her nowhere to hide

Courtney Healy’s life wasted

An NHS worker h jailed for three years after he found 9 grams of cocaine in Creamfields and WhatsApp messages exposed his cover story as a lie.

Courtney Healy, 21

Courtney Healy, 21 found smuggling A drugs at the Creamfields Festival in August 2021. Her bag contained about 14 wraps of cocaine, but she originally told police she was taking drugs for a friend Was.

Value of cocaine found in tents

The cocaine found in the tent valued at around 8.9 grams and valued between £420-£1,100. Unknown police will check her phone, Healy’s story breaks after officers uncovered WhatsApp messages – which she joked about Was that his mother would send him to jail.

referring to cannabis

One of the messages read to Chester Crown Court said: “I smoke it every day. I feel like I might otherwise behead someone.

one person replied

Oh my god, I’m scared of this, you all smackhead.
Healy traveled 200 miles from her home in Maesteg, Wales, and took part in the popular festival, which has a reputation among revelers for drug-taking.

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