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NFL NFLPA Arent Discussing Deshaun Watson Agreement

Post-hearing briefs from the NFL and the NFLPA are due next week on the Deshaun Watson case. Due to this, there is a slight delay in the initial decision. During the hearing, the parties attempted to reconsider negotiations that had been stalled in the weeks before. A settlement would shorten this endless process while eliminating appeals. But it doesn’t look like that’s how it will end.

The NFL Still A Full-Season Suspension

After the league and union discussed a deal during a three-day hearing Dan Graziano said on “Keyshon, Jill & Max” that the parties are at odds on the subject. The NFL still wants a full-season suspension. But Graziano said the league was ready to discuss a slightly lower punishment – 12 games were mentioned. But here it was not ratified as an NFL proposal – with a suspension warning indefinitely.

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Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said

However, the NFL opened the door for an indefinite ban scenario. Which could have allowed Watson to play at some point in 2022. The Browns quarterback wanted no part of the precarious position. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said there had been no settlement since the hearing. Given that a source has mentioned That based on evidence and arguments in Delaware, offering an indefinite suspension with Watson likely to return after 12 games would be unrealistic. ,

Not suspended at all for sexual misconduct and sexual harassment

Watson’s camp is still insisting on not suspending the QB at all for his alleged widespread sexual misconduct and sexual assault. Linking this process with that of Graziano, Florio notes, that the point of settlement is “too far away”. That means Disciplinary Officer Sue Robinson will make her decision expected before training camp, with the possibility of an appeal in the game.

In the unlikely event that Robinson’s Law Watson did not violate the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The league cannot appeal. Watson would then be eligible for Week 1. If Robinson suspends Watson for this season, it will test the NFL’s resolve. If the league wants a full-season ban, Roger Goodell could ensure it on appeal. However, this would mean reversing the decision of the arbitrator jointly approved in the first round of this newly implemented policy. It certainly won’t go down well with the NFLPA.

gripes over the years about disciplinary redundancy

About the commissioner’s disciplinary overreach had been on hold for years. Again, the league seems to be generous with Watson. Which can bring significant feedback. Robinson put the NFL in a position to make an interesting decision, seeking a medium-length suspension.

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