Next K-pop Boy Band Member Charged With School Violence

A member of the upcoming K-pop boy band was fired after being accused of school violence.18-year-old Yang Dongwa was supposed to debut in the seven-man K-pop group ATBO, which means “At the Beginning of Originality” in the second half of the year.

Due to the allegations, the agency IST Entertainment announced

However, due to the allegations of school violence against him, the agency IST Entertainment announced that it has decided to remove him. IST Entertainment manages K-pop groups The Boys, Apink, Victon, and Weekly.Yang Dongwa’s immature and inappropriate comments and actions.

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Prevention and measures against violence in schools

Under the Korean Law Act on the Prevention and Measures Against Violence in Schools. “School violence” perpetrated against students inside or outside the school premises. Defined as action, resulting in physical or mental injury, or damage to property through battery, assault. , imprisonment, intimidation, kidnapping, kidnapping, defamation, libel, extortion, coercion, coercion, sexual violence, bullying, or cyber-bullying, or through any information and communication network with obscene or violent information.

IST Entertainment’s post regarding removal from ATBO

This is IST Entertainment’s post regarding the Yang Dongwa issue and removal from ATBO. After reading posts about Yang Dongwa on social media and online communities.

We able to go through some students

“We were able to go through some students, and Yang Dongwa personally apologized to him sincerely. Which was unfair to a student, and he is very ashamed of this. How he angered those around him with his lack of consideration.” Besides the students he had the opportunity to meet in person to apologize, he knows there may be more students

There is an announcement about Yang Dongwa’s Future activities

“We bow our heads and apologize to those who upset by Yang Dongwa’s past misconduct. As well as those who showed love for the artist.” In addition, we have a note about Yang Donghwa’s future activities. The announcement is.” For the artist himself, we hope this will serve as an opportunity to look back on the past and turn a new leaf.

Its launch and promotion at ATBO

“After the above fact-checking process and in-depth discussion with the artist, we have decided. Those who have gone through difficult times because of him, and have heavy thoughts about him. “A young man has with him the whole life ahead of him in admitting his mistake, taking responsibility, and repenting.

We have had an in-depth discussion with Yang

“Although he has not debuted, Yang Donghwa and his parents have expressed a desire to reprimanded for mistakes. Will take this time to self-contemplate and repent.” We have had an in-depth discussion with Yang. Dong and his parents, and will respect his decision regarding this issue.

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