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New York Outcry due to the Devastation of the Storm,

Phil Murphy from the Democratic Party, the governor of New Jersey, told that. At least 23 people have died. Police said 13 people were killed in New York City. Out of which 11 people have died due to water entering the ground floor apartment. Three people have died in suburban Westchester County.

US storms in New York and New Jersey

Heavy rain caused by Cyclone Ida in New York and New Jersey of America. Due to the devastation. So far, more than 40 people have died in the storm. Emergency has been declared in both the places. At the same time, the storm has moved towards New England, becoming more dangerous.

State of emergency declared in all counties of New Jersey

A state of emergency has been declared in all 21 counties of New Jersey due to the storm and rain. A warning has been issued to the people urging them to stay away from the flooded roads. Meteorologists have issued warnings of further intensification of floods.

Instructing people to stay in homes

In New York and New Jersey, ordinary people have been instructed not to leave their homes. In both the provinces, no vehicles other than emergency vehicles will be allowed on the road till 5 pm local time on Thursday.

Rail and air services disrupted

Transit rail service in New Jersey has been suspended until further orders due to bad weather. At the same time, all passenger flights have been stopped due to flooding at Newark Liberty Airport. On the other hand, in New York too, the administration has suspended subway services.

Vehicles overboard in Spain

It has been happening continuously since late Tuesday night in the province of Alcanar in northeastern Spain. Vehicles parked on the roads were seen flowing in the water due to heavy rain. Living in the apartment on the ground floor. People had to run on the roofs in the rain to save their lives. According to local media, it happened from late Tuesday night till 6 pm on Wednesday. Due to heavy rains, 250 liters of water per square meter of the road was filled. However| Despite the flood situation, no loss of life has been reported. Roads in other areas including Madrid also happened on Wednesday night. Submerged due to heavy rain.

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