New low-Cost Australian Airline Called Bonza, The First Aircraft To Be Named Shaza

There’s a new low-cost airline coming to Australia and the name is killer unbelievable.

Bonza digs into rich Australian culture

Bonza is the new company to acquire Down Under and you can expect to find great flights all over the country. While airlines usually name their planes after something iconic, Bonza decided to dig into the rich Australian culture and Have decided to come out with a great moniker.

They depend on the power of the people to do something arguably better than Planny McPlainface.

The company wrote on its Facebook page: “Australians definitely love a nickname and you gave us tons of suggestions when we asked for your help with aircraft names.News Corp. reports tons of people with their ideas.” Granted, some suggested ‘Sunny’, ‘Purple Rippa’, ‘Sunny Boy’ and ‘Digger’.

Bonza found an absolute gem and decided to go with it

“So today, we’re excited to announce our brand new purple beauty … Shaza!” The airline wrote. “It doesn’t get Australian anymore.” According to nine.com.au, the airline is scheduled to launch in October and will be Australia’s ‘only independent budget airline’.

Promise to deliver ‘ultra-low airfare’

They will fly primarily into ‘secondary or regional airports’ and ‘target under-utilized leisure market routes that are not heavily dominated by competitors’. Ultra-low airfare. You’ll be able to get 8kg of free carry-on luggage, though, depending on the destination, expect to dig into your wallet for more than that.

sample bonza routes

Finder travel expert Angus Kidman told news.com.au that the Bonza could help drive down flight prices across Australia. Sampling the routes,” he said.

I paid $99 more often than $19

He added: “Bonza is operating a maximum of five flights a week between any destination pair, so it will not appeal to business travelers who want a quick work trip.

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