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New Features Will Come In Instagram

Instagram has started testing a new feature called ‘Take a Break’ to encourage and encourage people to take regular breaks from using the Meta-owned photo-sharing app. According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the long-awaited ‘Take a Break’ feature will remind users that they have spent a long time on the platform.

Posted by Mosseri on Twitter. You have to take a break of 10, 20 or 30 minutes from Instagram after spending a certain amount of time on the app.

Step taken after criticism!

Mosseri said “Take a Break” is expected to become more widely available in December. The new feature comes amid criticism that Instagram is harmful to its teen users. Recently, American whistleblower Frances Haughan revealed that popular social media apps can adversely affect the mental health of youth.

New feature will come to remove bad content

Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said the photo-sharing platform will introduce new features to remove bad content. Clegg said, “We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a big difference. Where do we see our system? That a teenager is watching the same content over and over. And that is content that is in the best interest of their well being. may not be compatible. We would encourage them to watch other content.

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