Netizens Say Season 2 Of Next In Fashion

Trending at number six among TV shows on a leading OTT platform is Next in Fashion season 2 with all eight episodes which premiered on 3rd March. It is a reality TV show and Season 1 was streamed in 2020. The Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson said of the show: “It works a treat. It’s just tense enough, and just entertaining enough that you might want to watch it more than once.

Designers and models making the global fashion industry

The show gives you an up-close look at both the designers and models making up the global fashion industry and the top prize of $250,000. Focuses on 18 budding fashion designers who compete. With Tan France, Gigi Hadid, and Alexa Chung hosting the first season, the show was showered with praise and high ratings. Some top designers show up, including models like Donatella Versace and Hailey Bieber.

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He announced the decision to the designers after each show.

A reviewer on IMDb who first saw Season 2 without knowing what Season 1 was about. found it “fast-paced”, with most of the designers being talented and likeable. What’s more, “there’s no drama, no meanness. The presenters are having fun. And I really liked how they announced the decisions to the designers after each show,” she adds.

Know nothing about the fashion industry

For those who know nothing about the fashion industry, jump right in and enjoy the ride of the runway. You get to see what goes through a designer’s mind and how it translates into glamour. As for the hosts, let’s go with Secret-M’s verdict on Rotten Tomatoes “The judges were fantastic. And had a solid rapport with the contestants and brought the emotional aspect of the show together.

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