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NBA Star Norman Powell is Seen Harassing a Woman at the Gym

A wild video of LA Clippers star Norman Powell harassing a woman at a Las Vegas gym has gone viral after a crazy conversation.

Viral video harassing a woman

Los Angeles Clippers guard Norman Powell said he was at a Las Vegas gym. When a white woman approached him and told him he was “not American.” The 28-year-old NBA champion documented the incident in an Instagram Live video, according to footage obtained by TMZ. Even captured the moment the police handcuffed the woman.

Powell said during the live stream,

“She came here for the first time and was saying she had a fight.” “We told her to get off the back. She left, she walked for about 15, 20 minutes, came back, staying at the gym telling us non-Americans, saying we need to go back A whole bunch of us p y, st t.

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“We were trying to leave her and then she was trying to take off her pants and take a s**t or pee on the floor,” he said. “And when we took him out, we can’t have that.”

The woman could not identify till Wednesday morning.

In a clip from Instagram Live, which has since circulated on Twitter, Powell said: “She came here first to make a noise and we sent her off and she came back mad, saying we’re not American Who is so mad at me.”

After asking, “How come I’m not American?” Powell told the woman, ‘I was born and raised here (in America). My descendants are from Africa, yes. But I am American. I was born here.”

Powell said officers were call

Once Powell said officers had been called, the woman could be heard in the background saying, “Don’t lie.” Powell then turned the camera around to show another man in the gym, noting that the man was on the phone with police regarding the situation. The former second-round draft picks also informed the woman that she was filming on Instagram Live.

“Dude you know I come from a family of gamblers. One woman can hear saying. “My grandfather paid for my grandmother’s ring and she could barely twist her finger from the diamond… I’m calling you s-t. I’m calling your hoax.”

WARNING: Graphic Language

“It has nothing to do with what you’re talking about right now,” Powell said, adding repeatedly, “I don’t care.”

When police arrived at the scene, Powell was still filming the woman, who appears in the parking lot of the gym. According to footage published by TMZ, an officer handcuffed the woman while she was sitting on the ground, and took the woman into custody in a police car.

“She’s in here screaming, ‘I can’t breathe’ man,” Powell said. “It’s crazy for me.”

A spokeswoman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told TMZ on Wednesday that the woman was issued a rape charge for obstructing a police officer. According to the spokesperson, he took to a local hospital for psychiatric care.

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